Classical Music Rafting Trip | 8 Days | Green River, UT

classical music journey on the green river with dvorak expeditions


8 DAYS – GREEN RIVER in Desolation & Gray Canyons Utah
Dates: July 21-28, 2018
Limited spaces (20 persons)

Ever sit in a concert hall listening to works from Bach, Stravinsky, Mozart, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky or Shostakovitch and wish you had some scenery to complement the music?

For over 30 years, Dvorak Expeditions has successfully provided Classical Music rafting journeys for all ages on Green River in Utah. This experience is a one of a kind whitewater rafting experience with your own personal Green River classical music trip soundtrack resonating off the canyon walls, amphitheaters, side canyon hollows each day as we make our way down stream to the next wilderness camp. Guaranteed, you have never heard acoustics like this before.When you go on the Green River classical music trip you can leave everyday life behind as you enjoy several days of world-class whitewater rafting in Colorado or fishing. Slumber under the stars and let our professional musicians treat you to concerts throughout the day and evening. Munch on fabulous hors d’oeuvres, a fine selection of wines and gourmet meals from around the globe. After a full day of rafting, enjoy comfortable seat around the camp while your musicians tune for the evening concert and your guides prepare the evening meal or perhaps a short wonder with your guide for a side canyon hike.

We have enhanced our Green River (July 8-day)  classical music trips with extra days of relaxation to explore more of the ancient surroundings, Anasazi ruins, Fremont Indian artifacts and other historic highlights within the Green River (Utah) environs. We serve the finest gourmet delicacies on this trip, switching cuisines and countries every night from Indian to Italian and Thai to Mexican. Finally, also included on the trip are impromptu reading sessions, open rehearsals and improvised solos on wood flute for those more musically inclined.

THIS is “River Magic”!

8 Days |  84 Miles | Class II-III Rapids


PRICING: $2410 Per Person

Price is inclusive of all meals, preparation, rafting-inflatable kayak equipment, fully guided, quartet and musical concerts and activities throughout the trip.

Merging the arts with adventure, river enthusiasts with an “ear,” now have a unique option that combines the best of river rafting with some of the West’s most talented musicians.  While as unconventional as it may sound Bill Dvorak’s Expeditions have successfully merged the worlds of rafting and classical music for the past 29 years with the annual ‘Classical Music River Journey’s’.

A fifth-generation cousin of the famous composer, Antonin Dvorak, Bill Dvorak has been running rivers commercially longer than anyone else in Colorado has.  With a personal penchant for classical music and an acoustically superior natural setting to perform in the “Classical Music River Journey” idea emerged following a rafting trip on which a member of the LA Philharmonic participated.  One year later, four members agreed to sign on and the first journey embarked.

Guests join four to five members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic on a seven to eight-day journey of Bach, Beethoven, Ravel and the company’s namesake, Dvorak.  Four or more concerts are scheduled throughout the week-long tour, including a formal concert near the conclusion of the tour. The concert halls are the acoustically rich stages of the slickrock canyons and caverns located along each river, or an open-air stage nestled among Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir.  The trips are leisurely, allowing ample time to soak up the sun, read, float along the river and listen to daily practice sessions. In addition to the rafting and music, each trip includes side excursions to Anasazi ruins, wildlife viewing, hiking and impromptu land and river musical performances.

In keeping with the mood and sounds of each day’s magical journey, mixed with a little “river magic,” the dining experience further enhances the trips’ ability to satiate the soul.  Come evening, a tray of hors d’oeuvres and wine begin the evening’s gastronomic feast, followed by a dinner of Blackened Salmon, special salads and Black Forest Cake for dessert – a mere sampling of the river delicacies prepared each day.


BY AIR: Arrive in Grand Junction, Colorado the day prior to your trip. There will be a pre-trip orientation meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Grande Vista Hotel that evening to go over trip logistics and answer questions. The following morning the Grande Vista will provide transportation to the Grand Junction Airport West Star Aviation Bldg. by 7:00 a.m. You will check in at the charter air terminal just east of the main commercial terminal and inform them that you are there to catch a Red Tail Aviation charter flight at 8:00* a.m. (Some flight times vary - see confirmation letter). The flight to the put-in takes approximately 45 minutes. It will fly over the Green River on the way.

Arrive in Green River, Utah by car or plane the day prior to your trip. The morning your trip begins, drive out to Red Tail Aviation at the Green River Municipal Airport for your 7:00* a.m. flight to the river. There is no pre-trip meeting in Green River. Parking at the airport is secure.The landing strip is on the mesa above the river. Wait there for our vehicle to pick you up to take you down to the launch area at the river.Any extra belongings, valuables or equipment not needed on the river trip should be stored at your hotel/motel.

Red Tail Aviation For information  (800) 842.9251 in Moab, UT  Dvorak's will make your reservations for your trip flights

BY CAR: You will need to arrive in Grand Junction for the pre-trip orientation meeting the night before your trip or arrive at the West Star Aviation Airport in Grand Junction at 7:00* a.m. the morning your trip beginsAlternatively you can arrive at the Green River Municipal Airport, four miles south of Green River, Utah, at 6:45 a.m. on the morning of the first day of your trip. Report to Red Tail Aviation at the terminal office for your flight at 7:00* a.m. to the Green River.Any extra belongings, valuables or equipment not needed on the river trip should be stored in your vehicle.

BY TRAIN: Amtrak does run through Grand Junction and near Green River Utah.  If you are interested to take the train instead of flying this is an excellent option for families or individuals who have the extra travel days either side your trip dates.  


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