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Dvorak Expeditions offers fly fishing trips on some of the West‘s most amazing rivers, including the Arkansas and Gunnison Rivers.

Fishing Gold Medal Waters in Colorado
Here Fishy Fishy….

Fly Fishing in Colorado is Golden! In Colorado, you will have the opportunity to catch over 30 species of both warm and cold-water fish.  Dvorak’s has two of the best rivers to choose from of the “6,000 miles of streams, 14,000 miles counting all headwater streams and more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs to choose from”.  Between the Gunnison River Gorge, 14 miles and over 145 miles on the Arkansas River to make 159 miles of pure  Gold Medal rivers.

Fishing on the Arkansas River: We definitely are seeing spring conditions coming into play. I fished about every day this week and conditions have been the best from 9am-5pm.  Fish are definitely congregated near the deeper slow runs and pools typical of the winter, but they will move into the shallower water on warmer days to intercept food, as well.  Most fish are beginning to migrate more towards the edges, following food and escaping swift current.  Though midges and Baetis nymphs are the most prevalent source of food, this is the time of year when we encounter molting stonefly nymphs vulnerable in the river, so stonefly nymph patterns become true forage options rather than mere attractors.

The weather outlook for next week looks cooler but boatable flows.  With temperatures reaching the mid-’50s during the day fishing on the Arkansas River will remain good for a few weeks before the HIGH flows will take over during June.  So get your time in now for great spring fishing.

The “Gunny Gorge”  is fishing OK but with the unseasonably cold weather and big snow this winter, you will need to watch the roads. Most will not be accessible until the mud season ends. The main Bug this time of year is midges but, don’t be afraid to throw some larger flies as your lead. Nymphing is your best bet if you do hike down into the Gorge. We will have an up to date conditions report as you near your trip.  Booking the stonefly hatch (June) is happening now and some dates are already full.  Call us to confirm soon.

Please email Info@DvorakExpeditions.com with any questions and we’ll direct you to one of our custom fishing guides for more details.


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