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Youth & Scout Whitewater Rafting Trips in Colorado

When planning a youth or scout rafting trip it may seem daunting at first, but our recreation staff will assist you throughout the process. Contact our office today at 1-800-824-3795 and allow us to help you plan your group whitewater rafting trip or multi-sport package with Dvorak Expeditions. We can arrange for custom departure times and meal planning to accommodate daily, or overnight trips and we want the trip to be participatory and a learning experience.  Our lunch menu also includes a boxed lunch option for groups traveling on a budget. See our group page for more details on payments, needed waiver forms, or better yet just give us a call at 800 824-3795 or 719 539-6851.

Below are your scouting Merit Badge Requirements for starters and remember we are here to assist you in your search for Colorado’s best rafting trips.  We look forward to speaking with you and customizing your group trip.

Group of scouts rafting down a river

Boy Scout Whitewater Rafting Merit Badge Requirements

Boy Scouts of America who wish to complete the requirements for a whitewater merit badge can do so in a professionally managed river environment with the help of Bill Dvorak Kayak & Rafting Expeditions.

The program is geared towards addressing the items that tend to be difficult for a Boy Scout troop to accomplish as the equipment required is expensive, specialized, and often difficult to transport. In addition, we have unlimited access to the Arkansas River, a world-class outdoor environment, which offers a variety of river sections (Class II to IV) to practice the skills outlined below. For questions about the Boy Scout Whitewater Merit Badge and the program, please contact us.

    1. Initial Introductions
      1. Instructor’s (Goals, expectations)
      2. Participants – (Goals, expectations, paddling experience, etc.)
      3. Equipment (Raft – Kayak – Canoe)
  • Types of paddling (Flat water, Whitewater (River Classification), Touring)
  1. Orienting the Person to the Craft
    1. Outfitting the craft
    2. Getting craft into river and out
    3. Understanding the equipment on craft and gear accompanied
  2. Water Safety and Self-Rescue Techniques
    1. Self-rescue (Basic skills) when boating in various crafts
    2. Swimming in whitewater rapids and basic rescue techniques.
    3. AWA safety code, AWA river signals
    4. River classifications (Scales International and Class codes)
    5. Craft oriented safety skills
  3. Paddle Strokes
    1. Propulsion strokes
    2. Defensive strokes
    3. Paddle grips and handling craft.
  1. The Basic River Maneuvers
  2. Water skills needed to Read the Surface Features of the River
    1.  River Tactics or Where to Put the Boat?
  1. Basic Trip Organization – One-day or multi-day
    1. Pre-river planning – who, what, when, where how many
    2. On the river – river safety, landowner courtesy & guidelines to river access.
    3. Concept of Responsibility – leader, and participant.
  1. Final debriefing and evaluations of individuals and troops at end of the course. Certificate issued for each participant.

Whitewater Merit Badge and certificate – Cost $50 per student.