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Swiftwater and Rope Rescue Courses in Colorado

Professional Guide Training Courses

These rescue and rope courses are for boaters/paddlers from novice to experienced river guides and professional fire and agencies associated with rescue. The courses; instructional rescue and boating clinics are suitable for first-time and recertification personnel to expand their whitewater skills. Learn basic fundamentals and take on progressively greater challenges to achieve your goals through our professional, personalized instruction. Certified by Rescue 3 and Sierra Rescue International organizations.


From $445

This Rescue 3 International Course is approximately 24-30 hours total with 8-10 hours of classroom and approximately 16-20 hours in the field. It is suggested that the class be held over 3 days, but it can be adjusted to fit shifts and other schedules.

From $445

An Internationally recognized water rescue certification that is written for Professional BOATERS, by Professional BOATERS. It is a fast-paced, scenario-based course designed to develop the ability to choose good actions when a river rescue is necessary.

From $735

This course integrates the most current technology and research on rope rescue from throughout the world and utilizes “discovery learning” to teach skills necessary to safely effect technical rope rescues in environments ranging from simple over-the-bank situations to vertical cliff and structure rescues.

From $990

The legendary Colorado River, over 1400 miles long, starts just above Little Gore Canyon. This is one of the first boatable sections of the river. Alpine scenery, historic points, hot springs and milder whitewater make this a great family trip and all within an easy drive from Denver.