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Teenage Whitewater Skills Camp

Quick Details

15 Days
Adult Ages 13-17

The start of a life-long love

The Teenage whitewater course is designed to teach the value of river wilderness, ecology, minimum impact camping, preservation of these resources, and encourage strong self-esteem. We teach the necessary river skills and safety techniques needed while giving students the chance to negotiate many rivers and improve their abilities in a variety of crafts.

This course is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of river running, the reparation environment, the need to understand and protect it plus river rescue techniques. It will also facilitate opening lines of communication, enhancing self-image, improve group interaction, and emphasizing self-reliance skills.

The focus is to develop river-running competence in a variety of craft. These include paddle and oar power rafts, kayaks, canoes, and inflatable kayaks. Participants can choose to specialize in one or two modes of river travel or experiment with all options. As the basics of reading and understanding the hydraulics of the river is a primary skill, the ability to move comfortably from one craft to another will be greatly enhanced.

Dvorak’s wants your course to be exciting; you should expect the unexpected. Many of the course activities are well-publicized, but you will probably find some surprises. We want to give you something you can take away with you– hopefully a sense of appreciation for what you can do!

Minimum impact camping techniques will be taught and stressed as will an environmental awareness that will carry beyond the river. The scope of the camp is participatory in nature and attendees will be involved in all aspects of wilderness river expeditions.

Ages 13-17 years: in response to the demand for a wilderness oriented whitewater skills training for youths under 18, Dvorak Expeditions has added this 15-day whitewater course. It was specially designed to teach not only the value of river wilderness, ecology, and minimum impact camping but the preservation of these resources. We teach the necessary river skills and safety techniques needed while giving individuals the chance to negotiate numerous rivers and improve their abilities in a variety of crafts: rafts, kayaks, canoes, and inflatable kayaks. Meeting and Travel arrangements need to be made through our main office. Pickups from the Airport (Denver or Colorado Springs) can be arranged and return to same at the end of the course. Additional cost for transport.

Meal Preparation

The meals are planned with lots of fresh and hearty vegetables and salads. Gourmet selections for the delight of our guests throughout the journey. Your guides will be in charge of all preparations and they will amaze you with what comes out of those dutch ovens!

We can accommodate special diets with advance notice and the menu almost always suits the vegetarian.

Guides and Instructors

Our guides are experienced men and women skilled at handling their crafts. They all have current first aid and CPR and are Swiftwater Rescue Technician certified and have fulfilled all guide qualification requirements in the states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming. Trip Leaders have thousands of river miles of experience on all classes of rivers including all 8 rivers run by Dvorak Expeditions. Guide/Instructor gratuities are not included in the course cost but always appreciated.

Equipment Rentals Available

Sleeping bags and pads, tents – we’ve got it all!

After you add your trip to your online cart here, you will be prompted to add Raft Trip Equipment Rentals. Choose your trip start date and time then choose your trip length.

River Trip Equipment List

Please limit your gear to 30 pounds in weight. The provided drybag is 3.3cu-ft. It should be able to be packed into a standard duffel bag. This list should cover everything for a safe, comfortable trip.

  • Compact synthetic filled sleeping bag (not down) – rentals available
  • Sleeping pad (backpack size) inflatable/insolite – rentals available
  • Small backpack style tent w/ fly & ground sheet – rentals available
  • Long pants (one light weight to block the sun & one warm wool or pile/fleece type*)
  • Nylon shorts or swimsuit under wetsuit
  • Long sleeved shirts (one warm*/one light weight)
  • Non-cotton shirt or poly propylene top (fleece top)
  • Warm jacket*, wind proof or Fleece, water resistant
  • Pair of tennis shoes – tie on preferred or wet boots
  • Wool socks will help keep feet warm in tennis shoes
  • Sunglasses with loss protector/keeper (with UV protection)
  • Sun block (over 5,000′ altitude – lots of UV exposure)
  • Hat for sun protection (tie-on)
  • Small towel / biodegradable soap / shampoo / lotion etc.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries with new bulb or head torch
  • Bandana and a pair of lite gloves for sun protection
  • Personal items kit (hygiene) medicines etc.
    ** WOMEN: Bring extra feminine pads/tampons for 2 periods. The change in activity and altitude can cause irregular periods.
  • Waterproof camera or a very good waterproof case
  • EXTRA BEVERAGES – An adequate supply of water and juice drinks is provided. If you require diet drinks, please request them in advance.
  • OPTIONAL ITEMS: Field glasses with waterproof protection, pocket knife, whistle, extra film / batteries for flashlight, Journal notebook, pen, stationary, stamps, book, pliers (for use in taking things from fire i.e. coffee, hot water, etc.), Day pack for side hikes, light hiking shoes for mountain biking as well & Extra Zip Lock Bags. Small travel pillow or use stuff sac with your extra clothing.

*Can be excluded during warmer weather

Getting There

The meeting place for this trip is Dvorak Expeditions Main Base:
17921 US Hwy 285, Nathrop, CO 81236

By Plane: Major airports are Denver International or Colorado Springs. If you need to arrange for Dvorak’s to pick-up your student and bring them to the main DVK base, add the transportation option at checkout and contact us when you have your flight information to make these arrangements. Salida, CO and Buena Vista, CO have small plane facilities and some charter flights are available with adequate numbers for charter. If your student arrives to Salida or Buena Vista, please do so the day prior to the trip. Pre and post lodging is available in either Buena Vista or Salida (12 miles to DVK from either town).

By Car: FROM DENVER: You will follow Hwy 285 out of Denver all the way to the Base located 5 miles south of Nathrop, CO. It is 162 miles from Denver Airport to the Nathrop Base (3.5 hours). Mountain road driving is slower but a beautiful part of the Rocky Mountains and you should allow extra driving time to sight-see. FROM COLORADO SPRINGS: (2 hours) use Hwy 24 west connecting with US Hwy 285 north & south towards Buena Vista, CO. Turn south on Hwy 285- travel @ 11 miles, you will see on the west side DVK sign just north of the Gas station and Prospector Rock Shop on Hwy 285.