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Our Outfitting History


As early pioneers of western whitewater river rafting since 1979 in the Rocky Mountains, Dvorak Expeditions own the 1st outfitter license by the state of Colorado. Outdoor educators and worldwide adventurers, for more than 53 years, Bill and Jaci Dvorak founded Dvorak Expeditions in 1985 in the scenic Arkansas River Valley of Colorado.  Since their time as outfitters, they have educated and instructed more than 1000 river guides-staff and now have 3rd generations of staff that make up the DVK team.

Proud to be a family-run outfitting business, Dvorak’s rafting trips, instructional courses for youth whitewater skills camp, and swift water rescue training programs are world-renowned adventures that have been featured in ESPN, National Geographic, the Chicago Tribune, travel books, and television specials.

Bill and Jaci Dvorak have been avid outdoor educators since they were married in 1969, having taught in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and England where they have worked for a number of outdoor leadership courses as well as Outward Bound. In 1979, Bill Dvorak assumed leadership of the Partners River Program, an outdoor educational program for disadvantaged youth, based in Denver. They purchased that organization in 1984 and later renamed it Dvorak’s Kayak & Rafting Expeditions.

At last count, Dvorak Expeditions has accumulated over 75,000 miles of river running experience, and Bill Dvorak has personally instructed some of the first Rescue 3 International Swiftwater courses in the USA and the Dvorak Expedition’s annual guide-training course for over 40 years.

A passionate environmental advocate, Bill Dvorak has served on the Board of Directors for the industry’s leading organizations such as the Colorado River Outfitters Association, America Outdoors, and the Colorado Tourism Board. The Dvoraks have been influential in developing and implementing key pieces of legislation and regulation regarding river management plans in Colorado, and they have aided many river conservation organizations’ efforts that resulted in the designations of Browns Canyon National Monument, river flow programs, stream protections, and wildlife habitat recognitions.  Through their involvement with  Arkansas River Outfitters Assoc. , Trout Unlimited, Friends of Rivers, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Western River Guides, and Colorado River Outfitters Association, they have had the opportunity to outfit several V.I.P. trips and communicate with members of the U.S. Senate and Congress, the Department of Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Colorado Division of National Resources, the Governor’s Office as well as for Colorado Legislative representatives to bring awareness to the resources that need our support and protection.