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The Dvorak Story

Dvorak Expedition's Story est. 1969


Our 44-Year History 

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Bill and Jaci Dvorak have been outdoor educators together since their marriage in 1969. They have taught in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and England, where they have worked for several outdoor leadership courses, such as NOLS and Outward Bound.  Proud to be a family-run outfitting business, Dvorak Expeditions offers rafting and custom fishing trips, instructional courses for youth organizations, and certified rescue swift water and rope training. Their world-renowned adventures have been featured in ESPN, National Geographic, the Chicago Tribune, travel books, Backpacker Magazine, Outside, television specials, local publications, and chambers of commerce.

a close up of a clockA little back history, in 1979, Bill Dvorak assumed leadership of the Partners River Program, est. 1968, an outdoor educational program for disadvantaged and adjudicated youth in Denver. He and a team of 7 staff ran the program from Grand Junction, Colorado. Bill and his wife Jaci grew the rafting adventures from ten trips on two southwestern rivers per season – as a nonprofit rafting company to ten rivers and hundreds of trips on what is now one of the most recognized and respected outfitting companies.  They purchased Partners River Program in 1984, changed to Bill Dvorak Kayak and Rafting Expeditions Inc., and made the company’s permanent home in Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley.

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As early pioneers of western whitewater river rafting in the Rocky Mountains, Dvorak Expeditions acquired the first outfitter license from the state of Colorado. Outdoor educators and worldwide adventurers for more than 54 years, Bill and Jaci’s family-owned and operated business became  Dvorak Expeditions in 1985, moving to the scenic Arkansas River Valley of Colorado.  Since their time as outfitters, they have educated and instructed hundreds of river guides-staff and now have 2nd generations of staff that comprise the DVK team.

At last count, Dvorak Expeditions has accumulated several hundred thousand miles of river running experience on more than ten of America’s wild rivers.  Bill Dvorak has personally instructed some of the first Rescue 3 International Swiftwater courses in the USA and the Dvorak Expedition’s annual guide-training course for over 40 years.

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            Dolores River Slickrock Canyon

The Environmental Advocacy  

A passionate environmental advocate, Bill Dvorak has served on the Board of Directors for the industry’s leading organizations, such as the Colorado River Outfitters Association, America Outdoors, Trout Unlimited, and the Colorado Tourism Board. The Dvoraks have been influential in developing and implementing critical pieces of legislation and regulation regarding river management plans in Colorado. They have aided many river conservation organizations’ efforts, resulting in the designations of Browns Canyon National Monument, river flow programs, stream protections, and wildlife habitat recognitions through their involvement with  Arkansas River Outfitters Assoc. , Trout Unlimited, Friends of Rivers, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Western River Guides, National Wildlife Federation, and Colorado River Outfitters Association; they have had the opportunity to outfit several V.I.P. trips. They communicate with members of the U.S. Senate and Congress, the Department of Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service, the Colorado Division of National Resources, the Governor’s Office, as well as for Colorado Legislative representatives to bring awareness to the resources that need our support and protection.

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President Obama designated the 21,589-acre Browns Canyon National Monument on February 19, 2015. Bill Dvorak was invited to the Oval Office for the official signing of the Browns Canyon National Monument bill at the designation ceremony. This was the culmination of a 20-year effort of his and many partners to provide permanent protection for this beautiful resource.

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Our DVK Team 

There is no question that the most important aspect of any travel adventure is the quality of its leaders.  To offer the best river experience, whether a half day or twelve days, we will operate by these core values.  Excellent Guest Service | Environmental Awareness | Safety | Integrity | Respect | Innovational Goals | Passion

Dvoraks will be as dependable for all people that our business and guests may rely on us to keep promises. Build a long-standing loyalty between employees, guests, and their peers.  Make honesty and respect the main rule and apply sound judgment that can withstand scrutiny from communities and employees regarding policies, practices, and personal standards. To go by that old tried and tested Golden Rule, ‘Treat others as you would expect to be treated”.

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Family Rafting Adventures

Our team of guides and staff have traveled worldwide and down the wild rivers in the USA, including all the Dvorak Expeditions rivers, many times over.  Their qualifications do not stop with safety first but carry on the knowledge attitude and attention to detail, elevating your trip from an excellent to an unforgettable experience. They have chosen the professional river life with a passion that can’t be explained but will share their ‘River Magic’ with everyone, ready to play, learn and build memories and smiles for years.

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Our Mission & Vision Statement to you, our guests!

Our Mission Statement:  To provide the highest quality guest services on our river expeditions while bringing education and awareness of protecting all wilderness environments.  As a long-standing leader in the industry, we will instill examples of safety, professionalism, and unforgettable experiences while providing low-impact recreation to all generations.

Vision Statement:  To be a world-famous company that continues to learn and improve our resources through efficiency and environmental awareness, guest services, technology, and educational options for future generations.