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Pro-Qualification – Rope & Water

Quick Details

4 Days
Adult • Rope and Water Ages 18+
2 Days
Adult • ROPE Only Ages 18+
Adult • WATER Only Ages 18+
Equipment Rentals
PFD and Helmet Rentals
Wetsuit and Boots Rentals
Dry Suit Rental Kokatat full drysuit with feet: No liner will be included. Must bring underwear / fleece to wear under drysuit.

This is a pre-requisite for the instructors course

Programs Meet Requirements of the NFPA 1670 Standards

This 2 day workshop provides independent verification of a student’s qualification as a water technician as required under NFPA Standard 1006. Your qualifications must be cleared with Rescue 3 International at to be accepted into the course, to complete requirements, and to prove competency. Attendees must complete a Task Book prior to attending the workshop. These can be ordered from the corporate office after the completion of a TRR:TL course.

This program is 20 hours in length, includes all of the above, and covers such subjects as advanced technical rescue, helicopter management and a major mock rescue, usually at night. The class is arduous and fatiguing, and all subjects are taught regardless of weather. Participants should be in reasonable physical condition, though strong swimming ability is not required.

No lodging or meals included

Please bring a healthy lunch and snacks for each day. Plenty of water and drinks advised. There will not be a chance to go anywhere from the training sites for meals. No alcohol Please.