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Arkansas River Kayak or Raft Group Lesson

Quick Details

Full Day - 8 Hours
Adult • Raft or Inflatable Kayak Ages 12+ • Includes gear
2 Days, 1 Night
Adult • Raft or Inflatable Kayak Ages 12+ • Includes gear
3 Days, 2 Nights
Adult • Raft or Inflatable Kayak Ages 12+ • Includes gear

Learn Kayaking/Rafting in a group setting

  1. You start your whitewater full day with Dvoraks by checking in at the office at 8:30 a.m.
  2. Your guides will show the way with fitting you into your boat and gear. We will have a group dry bag for raft instruction to stow personal day items. You can also place your personal items (such as sunscreen, fleece jacket, small towel) into this same bag. You might want to place them in a large zip lock bag to keep them easy to view and find all together from the dry bag later in the day. If you have a camera (waterproof), lip sunscreen, or items you want to get to often, a fanny pack works great to wear.
  3. Once you have gathered up your items for the day, you will take your personal items and make your way to the bus or van for transportation (by Dvoraks) to the river “Put In” launch. NOTE: You want to make sure that you have left your keys at the front desk with the attendant and locked your valuables into your car. Your things are safe on our private property. On return from the trip, you’ll have your keys ready for you to change into dry items, shower, etc. The shop will have photos, t-shirts, and many fun items for your whitewater souvenirs.
  4. Once you arrive at the river, your guide/instructor will direct you to the area where they will give you the safety talk and demonstrate the techniques for your day’s course; Launch onto the river should be about 9:30 a.m. Now you’re on your way and a full day of instruction.
  5. Now there is still half a day left and you will stop for a deli lunch prepared by your Dvorak staff…Cold drinks, fresh fruits, and deli sandwiches you create yourself. Chips and cookies for the sweet tooth and always-fresh water for you throughout the day. Optional BYO lunch.
  6. You will finish the day around 4:00 pm and transport will be waiting to return to the main base.

You can revisit your day’s events with your guide/instructor and view photos taken, on some sections of the river, of you or your group that day. Don’t forget the “Dry” t-shirt and take one home to those that missed this fantastic day on the Arkansas River!

“I can’t believe we actually saw a whole bunch of Big Horn Sheep right there next to us.”