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Beginner Fly Fishing Clinic

Quick Details

Make sure you secure your Colorado Fishing License online!

Half Day - 3.5 Hours
Adult Ages 13+

Learn To Fly Fish!

If you’re just getting started or need to work out some casting bugs, then the Beginner Wade Fishing Clinic is for you. Beginning fly fishers learn how to rig and cast their fly rod and intermediate fly fishers fine-tune their technique.

Students learn the basic cast, roll cast, haul, and double haul. How to load the rod, handle the line and manage the fish. They will learn under what conditions to use each cast and will have lots of time to practice with their rod and also try out some other rods.

This is an introductory course in the basics of fly fishing.

  • In these 3 hours we will work on presentations on the selection and rigging of equipment, aquatic insects (flies) and their imitations, and trout behavior.
  • Following a basic casting clinic on dry land to get the feel of the rod motion.
  • The class will adjourn to the river or lake for demonstrations on reading the water, line management, and fly presentation. No guarantee to catch fish but you will learn how to cast and present for success in future experiences.

Important details:
* Catch & release
* Artificial flies and lures only
* You must purchase a valid Colorado fishing license – we will include a link in your confirmation email
* Gratuities are not included in the trip cost

Again, you must purchase a valid Colorado fishing license prior to check-in. We will include a link to purchase in your confirmation email.