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Ponderosa Gorge + Slickrock Canyon Rafting Trip

Quick Details

5 Days, 4 Nights
Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 10-12

This trip will change your life!

Rapids: Class II-IV

The Dolores River is second only to the Grand Canyon in unbroken miles and quality of whitewater, making it one of the best river trips in USA. Begins high in the San Juan mountains, the waters reflect the green of the Ponderosa pines that line its banks. The river winds through Slick Rock Canyon where the roar of whitewater only breaks the silence. Several side canyons contain fascinating prehistoric Anasazi pictographs and ruins. It is slick rock, quiet water, tree lined campsites and whitewater, a river of many moods, one that will change your view of life.

The Dolores River flows down through the high country running clear and cold to campsites under the branches of ancient 100′ Ponderosa pines. These stretches are the home of legendary Class II to IV whitewater. The Dolores begins one of the most challenging stretches of water in the west, culminating in the fury of the Narrows ten miles downstream. The 200 miles of river winds through naturally “painted” slick rock canyons, ancient Anasazi ruins and artful petroglyphs left by the Ancient Ones. Historical sites on side canyon hikes and grotto’s bursting with lush desert flora will delight your group in this escape to the wilderness. Call us today for group rates and arrangements to suit your date and expectations.

The Dolores is a seasonal river and depending on the snow pack for the current year, this will determine what sections are run-able or not. Even though this river is absolutely one of the most spectacular resources in the lower 48 states we can not guarantee its flows until early spring when snow-tel reports are in.

Included in your trip

  • All boating equipment/life jackets/drinking water.
  • All on-river meals (lunch day 1 through lunch last day).
  • By arrangement prior to the trip, rain jacket with pants.
  • Eating utensils, plates, complimentary Dvorak souvenir cup.
  • Waterproof dry bags (3.3 cu.ft) for personal gear.
  • Rain tarps for shelter in the kitchen area.

Your responsibilities

  • Transportation to the arranged meeting point or put-in (see below)
  • Pre and post meals and lodging near the arranged meeting point
  • Personal clothing and other sundry items (see list below and in confirmation email)
  • Possible shuttle of personal vehicle to take out locations. (Add during checkout and call afterwards to confirm)