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Join the Adventure: Why You Should Consider a Career as a River Guide in Colorado

a group of people on a raft

Begin an adventure where the gentle flows of the Arkansas River and the mighty rapids of the Colorado River become your daily backdrop. In Colorado, working as a river guide at Dvorak Expeditions offers more than just a job; it provides a pathway to a life filled with unique experiences, personal growth, and the profound joy of connecting people with the great outdoors. Colorado’s diverse rivers offer a dynamic playground that can turn every workday into an exciting escapade!

A Day in the Life

Imagine beginning your day with the excitement of leading a group through the lively channels of Colorado’s waterways. Your workplace is the expansive outdoors, where each day presents new and unique challenges. Your responsibilities extend beyond simply steering a raft as you strive to enhance the experiences of those around you with fascinating anecdotes, sightings of nature, and insightful commentary about the environment. Ensuring that all safety equipment is secure and skillfully navigating through challenging rapids are just a few of the many aspects of your job.

a person riding a snow board on a body of water

Skills and Personal Growth

The path to becoming a revered river guide in Colorado, particularly on rivers like the Arkansas and Colorado, is filled with invaluable lessons. At Dvorak Expeditions, we provide the best training available to give you the tools for success. We will include whitewater rescue training certification for first-year guides and interns, and advanced training is available for any new employees coming in with swift water rescue certification.

The Role of a Dvorak Guide

As a Dvorak guide, your role extends beyond navigating rivers. You are a key representative of our brand, embodying the quality and service that define our experiences. Your expertise ensures the safety and enjoyment of our guests, making each trip a testament to our commitment to excellence. With about 65% of our guests being repeat visitors, the impressions you leave significantly impact our ongoing success and reputation.

Joining Our Team

We are looking for individuals who bring maturity, leadership, exceptional people and boating skills, and a personality that aligns with our values. State law mandates that candidates must be at least 18 years old and possess current first aid and CPR certifications valid through the season from March to September.

a man riding on a raft in the water

How to Get Started

For those inspired by the call of Colorado’s rivers, starting your journey with Colorado’s 1st licensed outfitter, Dvorak Expeditions, can set you on the right course. Visit our employment page to learn more about the qualifications we seek and how you can embark on this exciting career path, along with office and internship positions!

For questions or more information on our employment opportunities or our guide training that is being held May 11-25, 2024, call (719)539-6851 or email us at today.