NATIONAL MONUMENTS: A Powerful Conservation Tool

OUR COUNTRY HAS 117 NATIONAL MONUMENTS scattered across 30 states, from the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor to the Misty Fjords in Alaska. National monuments have been established to protect coral reefs in American Samoa, Spanish forts in Florida and extinct volcanoes in New Mexico as well as landscape-scale, sportsmen-supported conservation efforts like […]

Browns Canyon is Model for Landscape-Scale Conservation

Reposted from Maintaining outdoor traditions, generating local sportsmen support must be key considerations for future national monument proposals, according to national report Salida, CO -( Designation of the new, 21,586-acre Browns Canyon National Monument is delivering landscape-scale conservation benefits, continued hunting and angling opportunity, and economic payoffs, said sportsmen-conservation leaders at a gathering of decision-makers […]

Help Save the Colorado River

Change the Course: Water Connects Us All Without water, we would not exist. Without water, life in any form, cannot exist. It is more important than ever, not just for the river rafting community that we protect our rivers. The Colorado River supplies water to tens of millions of people, but the fate of this […]

Think Twice About Choosing a Fake Tree For Christmas

You might not believe it, but that fake, plastic Christmas tree you bought with the best of intentions could be doing more harm to the environment than if you have chosen a real Christmas tree. Trees are our friends, and we need to protect them. Cutting down a tree so that we can decorate it […]

Save the Bees, Save the World

(Cover Photo: “You will my honey” by Feliciano Guimarães from Guimarães, Portugal) Fighting hunger one bee at a time You’ve spent all spring and summer swatting away these buzzing, stinging, annoying little black and yellow buggers. You’ve cursed their existence and wished for just one picnic in the park without having to deal with bees and insects. […]

The Bison Returns to Colorado on National Bison Day

It has been a six-year long effort, but November 1st, 2015, also known as National Bison Day, a herd of bison will be set free to roam their new homes in Fort Collins’ Soapstone Prairie Natural Area and Larimer County’s Red Mountain Open Space. Returning the American Buffalo to Colorado For centuries, North America was […]

How You Can Conserve Water and Protect YOUR Rivers

The American rivers belong to you! It’s true. The land leading down to the river may be privately owned, but once you dip your little toes into the cool river you’re home! This also means that you (and you, and you, and you) are responsible for taking care of and protecting the rivers. Remember when […]

Update on the EPA Waterwater Spill into the Animas River

(Animas River turned yellow due to EPA wastewater spill from the Gold King Mine in Colorado. Photo credit: By Riverhugger) We’re still not sure how the tragic EPA wastewater spill into the Animas River will affect our communities, not to mention the life in the river and all around. Whereas officials seem to be optimistic […]

EPA Causes Massive Wastewater Spill into the Animas River

Photo of the million gallons of polluted water flowing into Amimas River rel=”no follow”> — Jennifer Brice (@CBS4Jenn) August 7, 2015   No, that is not Photoshop or some psychedelic tribute to 76th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. It is very real and very tragic! In an ironic twist of fate, a clean-up […]