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Help Save the Colorado River

Change the Course: Water Connects Us All

Without water, we would not exist. Without water, life in any form, cannot exist. It is more important than ever, not just for the river rafting community that we protect our rivers. The Colorado River supplies water to tens of millions of people, but the fate of this river is flowing in the wrong direction.

Water is not limitless. Do your part to save the Colorado River by taking the pledge to conserve water. Watch this video and see what you can do to help Change the Course of the Colorado River.  Remember, these are YOUR rivers, including the Colorado.

Make a pledge to conserve water and be mindful of the food you buy

Dvorak Expeditions support the conservation of the Colorado River

We support a number of conservation efforts that will help sustain the great Colorado rivers, wildlife, and nature. Everything that is great and pure about Colorado. We can all do our parts to help protect the environment. Come see first hand some of the wildlife, wilderness, farms, families, and much more, that depend on the Colorado River. Call now to customize your trip, and see why it is so important that we all put in a little effort to save water every day.

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