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86 Miles of Yoga on the Green River

For the past few years, everyone has been getting pumped, ripped, and bulked up with all their intense interval workouts. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to see the return of toned bodies and muscles. The problem is, everyone seems to have gotten a little too tight and now it’s time to stretch your body out again, regaining some flexibility, and finding your inner Zen. It’s time to leave the beefcake attitude at the gym and join us for a Green River Yoga Adventure.

Book exclusive Utah Yoga and rafting trip with DVK and Deborah koehn

Secure your spot for an exclusive yoga and rafting adventure in Utah, September 2016

Exclusive Yoga river adventure on the Green River, Utah

The Green River, Desolation & Gray Canyons provide the scenery and the backdrop for our exclusive 86 miles of Green River Wilderness and Yoga Adventure with DVK and the amazing Deborah Koehn, in September 2016.

Deborah Koehn is a Yogini and a medicine woman, and for the past 30 years, she has combined travelling and yoga, studying with healers and traditional shamans and medicine people. She is the perfect person to guide you on this six-day exclusive yoga journey down the Green River.

“Having years of experience with the therapeutic benefits and applications of yoga, Deborah has acquired knowledge, skills and intuition for applying the ancient wisdom of yoga to each individual.“ – Yoga Adventure 

Green River, Utah, yoga and rafting trip September 2016

Desolation and Gray canyons are the most remote places in the continental U.S. bounded on one side by the Ute Indian reservation and road less Utah desert on the other.

Six days of yoga and river rafting with DVK and Deborah Koehn

There is no cell phone reception, only pure nature, wilderness, abandoned homesteads, shadow filled grottoes and the ghosts of outlaws past. But it’s not all journaling, warrior poses, and SUPing, the Green River has over 60 rapids that require your full attention. And once you’ve worked up a good sweat in the whitewater, it’s time to find your center, and let your mind, body, and spirit heal through the power of yoga.

And when the day is done, you’ll be feasting on nutritious (often organic) meals and sleeping under the magnificent star-filled sky, before waking up to another day of rapids, yoga, and adventure.

Note: Exact dates TBD