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Wilderness River Rafting Adventure Workshop with John Fielder

Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

By now we should all be experts at taking selfies and snapping away with your cell phone every chance you get. The elimination of the old fashioned roll of film has allowed us to take more pictures than we care to admit. We document everything, making sure our friends and coworkers don’t miss out on a minute of our lives. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

John Fielder photography workshop and river rafting in Colorado

Join Colorado’s premier landscape photographer, John Fielder, and Bill Dvorak, one of the West’s most experienced raft outfitters, on this exciting 86-mile, Class I, II and III wilderness journey, with spectacular canyon scenery providing unlimited photographic opportunities.

Exclusive photography workshop and rafting trip in Colorado

Just because you have mastered the art of the “bathroom mirror selfie”, or the artistic shot of a bowl of homemade pasta doesn’t mean that you can maneuver Class III rapids while taking a perfect nature shot as you raft 86 miles of photographic opportunities on the Green River: Desolation and Gray Canyons.

Spend six days and five nights on the Green River with photographer John Fielder and Bill Dvorak

Join Colorado’s premier landscape photographer, John Fielder, for an exclusive photography workshop on one of the most spectacular, remote, historical, and isolated desert canyon territories in the US.

“Rafting through this typical western desert, slickrock canyon with Fremont Indian pictographs, abandoned homesteads, shadow-filled grottoes and side canyon hikes, the trip offers over 60 rapids and excellent kayaking for beginner to intermediate levels.”

River rafting and photography workshop on Green River in Colorado

Learn to take the perfect landscape photographs from world-class nature photographer, John Fielder.

Learn to navigate the beginner and intermediate rapids, and get a well-rounded and highly resourceful, educational experience with John Fielder, appropriate for any level of outdoor photographer.

To ensures that each person gets the instruction needed based on their individual level of experience, we can take up to 20 people. If more than 12 people sign up, John will be assisted by fellow pro nature photographer, Gary Soles.

Wilderness rafting adventure workshop with John Fielder

Instead of just snapping away hoping you get something you can post on social media, book your spot on this once in a lifetime adventure and take your photography skills to a whole new level. There’s a difference between taking a picture of a bear claw pastry fresh out of the oven and snapping a photo of a real live bear claw as it snatches a fish from the river.

Create lifelong memories on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Call now to secure your spot for 2016.