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Gift Certificates for Your Adventurous Friends and Family

Writing out a bucket list is fun. You can let your imagination go wild. A bucket list is usually a mix of attainable goals, and then some “if I won the lottery” goals. The problem with an extensive bucket list is that we sometimes get so overwhelmed by our goals and dreams that we become plagued with indecision and never end up pulling the trigger on anything on the list.

The best white water rafting, kayaking, and fly fishing in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Idaho, Mexico

Gift certificates for Colorado’s best whitewater rafting, kayaking and fly fishing adventures.

The best white water rafting for beginners and experienced paddlers

We’ve all sat around with our friends fantasising about all the things we would love to do, and when the new year rolls around, we all promise ourselves that THIS is the year where we finally do one thing or another. Instead of stressing about your list, why not help a friend check off something on their list? Because helping others is sometimes a lot easier than helping ourselves. It also feels good, so there’s that.

If you have a friend who is always talking about white water rafting, kayaking, fly-fishing, hiking, zip lining, SUPing, mountain biking, horseback riding, or 4X4 ing, then we’ve got just the thing for you: Gift Certificates!!!

the best white water and kayaking trips in the southwestern united states.

Use our gift certificates to improve your paddling skills in 2016.

Our gift certificates are the perfect kick in the butt to get your friend to do finally one of the things they always talk about doing, but then never get around to doing. Gift certificates can also be used for our paddling school, rescue courses, and even our teen skills camp. That’s the beauty of the gift certificate; you can use it any way you choose.

The best white water rafting trips in Colorado

We have customized trips on the Colorado River, Dolores River, Arkansas River, Green River, Gunnison River Gorge, North Platte River, San Miguel River, Salmon River, and the Rio Grande. We can build a trip for beginners to experienced paddlers. We know every river like the back of our hands, so whenever you want to join us, we’ll know where to find the perfect white water for kids and adults of all skill levels.

We look forward to adventuring with you, and your friends, in 2016!