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Family Friendly River Rafting Adventures

Like the song goes, the summer of ‘69 was where it all began for the Dvorak family. We became the first licensed outfitter in Colorado, realizing a lifelong dream of sharing the magic of the Colorado rivers with families from all across the country. Bill and Jaci Dvorak have raised their own family on these rivers and know better than anyone what it takes to plan and execute a family river rafting adventure.

Tips to a Great White Water Rafting Trip in Colorado , Kids Go Free whitewater rafting trips, family whitewater vacations in Colorado

Talk to DVK about the perfect family whitewater vacation, including kids of all ages.

The Dvorak team will help you plan and customize a trip fit for any family

We know how to bring fun for the kids, and safety and assurance for the parents. We want everyone to have fun, and rafting is a great way to bring a family together. You’ll challenge your kids to experience something a little out of their comfort zone. They will love being part of the team, helping to guide the raft down the rivers and maneuvering family friendly rapids. And, since the Dvorak guides have taken care of everything from start to finish, parents can relax and enjoy the experience with their kids.

Family friendly rafting trips in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and even Texas/Mexico

Depending on the length of your trip and the types of activities you are interested in trying along the way, this family river rafting adventure will be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Multi sport family river rafting vacations in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Texas

Add fishing, hiking, SUP, mountain biking, zip lining and more to your family river rafting adventure with DVK.

DVK’s Family Expeditions Offer You:

  • Family group discounts based on your family size 3-10 & ‘Kids Go Free’ trips on various rivers from 3-6 days (Reunions are a specialty)
  • Professional, experienced guides who know the needs of children and parents in the wilderness.
  • Healthy prepared meals ‘Dutch Oven Baking’ and fresh meats and vegetables, bread (Special Diet options available)
  • Nine different rivers in five states with trips suitable for kids as young as 4 years (45 pounds).
  • DVK’s staff enjoy the role of camp ‘Play, Laugh & Learn Director’ to organize games, side canyon hikes and entertainment for all ages.
  • Options: Half day trips to 8-day trips – for first timers with young children to experienced rafting veterans with teenagers or young adults.

Let’s make some River Magic in 2016!!