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How You Can Conserve Water and Protect YOUR Rivers

The American rivers belong to you!

It’s true. The land leading down to the river may be privately owned, but once you dip your little toes into the cool river you’re home! This also means that you (and you, and you, and you) are responsible for taking care of and protecting the rivers. Remember when the Animas River turned yellow with contamination? Our rivers and water sources are extremely delicate and we need to wrap our arms around them an protect them from, well, protect them from ourselves.

Water conservation tips by Dvorak in Colorado

Don’t take your drinking water for granted. Take steps to conserve water.

40 million people rely on the Colorado River to provide fresh water

It shouldn’t be news to anybody that many states are suffering from extreme droughts. California being the prime example. Now, more than ever, we need to conserve water. We’ve been taking it for granted for so long. You justs turn on the tap, right, and water appears. Unless each of us actively take steps to conserve water, one day you’re going to turn on your faucet and nothing is going to come out.

40 million people rely on the Colorado River, not just those of us living in Colorado. We need this river, and all rivers, to stay pumping so that we can feed our crops, livestock and people with fresh water. Not to mention the multitude of recreational river outfitters that rely on the rivers so that you can enjoy world class rafting, fishing, kayaking, etc. Not only do you need water to keep your raft afloat, but you need fresh drinking water to keep yourself hydrated so you can enjoy every part of your outdoor adventure.

water conservation tips by DVK in Colorado

Planting trees will help hold onto the soil so that rainwater can flow more freely into your ground water supply with less dirt and debris.

Tips to conserving water and protecting our rivers

  • Never run a half empty washing machine
  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth and only turn the water on when you need to wet your toothbrush
  • Turn off your lights wherever possible – electricity needs water, cutting back on your electricity will save water
  • Plant more trees – trees hold onto the soil, so rainwater flows more freely into your groundwater supply with less soil and debris
  • Water your garden less, and make sure your sprinkler system isn’t wasting water by splashing all over the sidewalk
  • Don’t use your garden hose to “sweep” your patio and driveways. Use a good old fashioned broom.
  • Volunteer to help protect your local rivers or arrange a river clean-up day with your friends

Don’t take water for granted. Start conserving today so that our rivers will continue to flow tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…