10 Reasons To Take The Family On A Green River Rafting Trip

Get ready to see the wild west like you never have before! Rafting the Green River is the perfect family vacation to unplug, relax, have fun, and put those feet in the sand.

1. Kids Go Free
Get the whole family out on the river this summer without breaking the bank! Kids from 5-12 go one free with each parent or guardian on our Green River Desolation & Gray Canyons Rafting Trips.

Save $1000 per child when you book for June 30-July 5th.  

2. It’s Historic
Follow the path of Butch Cassidy’s “Wild Bunch”, the mysterious “D. Julien,” “Flat Nose” Curry and Major John Wesley Powell, who titled the barren landscapes of Desolation and Gray Canyons “a region of wildest desolation” Kids and adults will love checking out the old abandoned homesteads and hideouts.

3. Petroglyphs
As far back as 7000-9000 B.C., Paleo-Indians hunted large mammals such as Mastodons and Mammoths across southwest Utah. Later inhabitants included the Desert Archaic culture, the Fremont culture, and Ancestral Pueblo People. There are lots of 
places to find pictographs and petroglyphs.

4. Bring The Whole Family
The Green River has 87 miles of more than 60 Class II-III rapids making it the ideal river rafting trip for everyone in your family. It’s perfect for kids, seniors and first time rafters as well as inflatable kayaks and standup paddleboards. 

5. Learn New Skills
The Green River is perfect for learning some new river skills. The mellow rapids make for a perfect learning ground for the whole family. Your guides will let you take a spin at rowing the raft, with instructional options to learn to stand-up paddle boarding or paddle an inflatable kayak (duckies) or a hard shell kayak during the trip. 

6. Take in the Views
Towering rock walls, lush oases, and endless views of these deep 1000 ft canyons will keep you and your family dazzled all week.  Don’t forget your camera.

7. Meet the Locals
There are lots of wildlife and critters to meet up with along your travels. Nothing like meeting the true locals of the wild west.  

8. Unplug Together
Cell phones, TV, and other electronics can really burn us out. Not to mention they are all linked to mood disorders, higher levels of ADHD, and overall well being. Take a break from those phones and enjoy some good old fashion outside time. After the first day on the river, you won’t be missing those gadgets anymore. You will leave your vacation refreshed and renewed.

9. Relax
Ready to worry about nothing? Food is prepped and prepared for you, boats are rowed, and everything is taken care of for you so that you can enjoy your trip and enjoy hanging out with your family. So pull up a chair, but those feet up, and enjoy your favorite beverage by the fire.

10. Make Unforgettable Experiences Together
Let’s face it, it’s hard these days to get the whole family together between work, school, ballet, soccer, sleepovers, and everything else in our busy lives. Take the week to enjoy life, your family, and make some unforgettable memories together that you will cherish a lifetime. We can’t wait to see your Green River photo albums!

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