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Top 5 Whitewater Sections on the Arkansas River

a group of people riding skis on top of a rock

The Arkansas River is one of the most popular rivers for whitewater rafting in Colorado.

People flock from all over the world for the fun, technical, and famous whitewater rapids. The river offers something for everyone from
first-time whitewater rafters to experienced paddlers. Here is our list of the Top 5 Sections of whitewater on the Arkansas River!  Have you paddled all five?

Browns Canyon National Monument
The most popular section of whitewater in the country! A Browns Canyon rafting trip is not only beautiful, full of amazing scenery and wildlife, its perfect for anyone who wants to go rafting. From first timers to experts, Browns Canyon will leave you with a smile and a sense of wonder. As you move through the majestic canyon you are sure to be hooked on rafting.

The Numbers
A favorite of our guides and locals alike. This steep and technical run will leave you in awe of your guides skills. The Numbers is a series of class III-IV to III rapids tucked away amongst boulders and canyon walls. Be prepared for maneuvering, drops, and secret lines as you navigate down this trilling section.

Pine Creek
Looking to step your boating game up? Pine Creek is definitely one worthy of bragging rights. Pine Creek is located above The Numbers and is the steepest part of the Arkansas River. Rapids ranging from solid class IV to V make this run one of our more difficult sections. Fear not though, with professional and knowledgeable guides leading you safely down the river, your Pine Creek rafting trip will be one for the books.

Royal Gorge
Ready for a splashy good time? A Royal Gorge rafting trip has everything you want on a summer day. There is no shortage of views with steep canyon walls and a
Royal Gorge suspension bridge spanning the canyon over 1,000 feet above the river. The powerful, big, and technical rapids will keep you cool on these hot summer days. If your looking for big water the Royal Gorge is a must. Just don’t forget your splash top!

Big Bend To Salida
After all that adrenaline pumping fun you’re probably ready for a relaxing day.  Big Bend to Salida is perfect for a chill day on the river. With small Class I to II rapids you can cruise this section with any of your family or friends. This section can be done in a raft but is also perfect for SUPing, tubing, or kayaking.  Big Bend is a delightful late afternoon run, ending in town just in time for happy hour.