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Green River Rafting: Free for Kids 12 and Under!

Book a  whitewater rafting trip on the Green River from August 8-13th, 2015 and your 12 and under kids will ride along free of charge!CONTINUE READING

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Multi-Sport Whitewater Rafting Trips in Colorado

Arkansas River rafting packages for the whole family The high country melt is nearly finished giving us a great idea of how all the riversCONTINUE READING

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Book Your Family Summer White Water Vacation with DVK Today

The 2015 has kicked off and we’re paddling out every day with kids, friends, families and lovers for great outdoor adventures on the rivers ofCONTINUE READING

Kids Go FREE river trips

Tips for Adventurous Moms: Keeping Kids Safe on Wild Rivers

 There’s a rapid up ahead, do you know where your kids are? Yes, you do. They’re sitting in the raft next to your screaming theirCONTINUE READING

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Take a Virtual Tour Colorado’s Yampa River

Book your river adventures with Colorado’s 1st licensed outfitters While we wait for DVK’s expeditions to start up again in May 2015, the nonprofit organization, AmericanCONTINUE READING

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