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White Water Rafting Safety Kit

If you love exploring the great outdoors, from the river valleys to the top of our fourteeners, you know the importance of a good survival kit. From minor scrapes and cuts to surviving a night in the freezing Colorado snow, there are some things that every river rafting adventurer should have on their travels.

Rescue Course swim

When the white water is wild and crazy you don’t always stay in the raft. Have a belt knife handy so that you can cut yourself loose should you get tangled in the raft cords.

Here are some of the “must have” items for your white water safety kit:

Instead, of a roll of gauze to wrap up cuts, bring a bandana! It’s multi-purpose. It’s works just like gauze, but you can also use it to stay cool or to soak up the sweat as you paddle through the next whitewater section.

You will also need sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Even in the winter, with snow covering the ground, the sun is still as powerful as ever. You may not feel hot, but the rays are burning just as bright and can cause just as much damage in the wintertime as in the summertime.

Hopefully everyone stays in the raft during the trip, but should you go swimming, and should you get caught in the ropes and cords having a belt knife handy is your quickest way to get untangled in a hurry. Having the knife conveniently on your belt will prevent you from fumbling around your pockets, and it will also prevent the knife from falling out when you need it the most. A pocket knife at the bottom of the river won’t help you free your foot and get you back to safety.

Tips to staying safe on the Colorado rivers

Essential outdoor adventurer preparedness kit.

If you like to travel light, having a bag with dry kindling, a fire starting device and a metal cup or pot are the three “must have” items for a night at the camp. You can’t always count on dry materials at your campsite to start a fire, so bringing your kindling could save you from a night in the cold. A metal cup or pot is key for boiling water for drinking, or cooking your meal. You want to stay warm and dry and get some grub before you head back for another day on the river.

In case it is impossible for you to start a fire, having dried food will ensure that you always have sustenance. Dried food will last longer and won’t spoil, so have some handy, just in case all else fails.

If you get lost or stuck or are in danger, having some safety flairs or even a whistle can help alert rescue teams or other adventurers to your whereabouts.

And, of course, you’re going to need peroxide, band-aids and bug spray.

River rafting is an adrenaline pumping good time for the whole family

All shapes, sizes, and ages can take on the rivers of Colorado, just make sure you go out with the right guide on the right river for an unforgettable experience.