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Fly Fishing vs. Spin Fishing

Are you already thinking about where you’re going to go fishing once the snow melts? We don’t blame you, we’re always thinking ahead to the next season, and our fingers are just dying to get back out on the river, spend a day fishing and enjoying the great Colorado outdoors. Don’t get us wrong, a snow covered Colorado is picture perfect, but those rivers get mighty cold, and even the most avid angler will have to put away his rod and wait for spring.

Choose between fly and spin fishing with Dvorak Expeditions

Book an exclusive guided fly or spin fishing trip with DVK starting May 2016.

The Dvorak fly and spin fishing season begin May 2016

The next best thing to fishing for trout in gold medal waters is talking about fishing for trout in gold medal waters. When we head out again in May 2016, the biggest question you’ll need to answer is whether to go fly fishing or spin fishing.  

The two are very different and often spark a lively debate amongst anglers. As outdoor guides, our main concern is taking you to the best, most exclusive fisheries in Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. And, if you’re not sure if you’re a spin or a fly fisherman, we can also help you figure it out. Or you can try both, we have all the equipment, all you have to do is ask. We’ll customize any trip to suit your needs. The earlier you call to book your trip, the more likely we’ll be able to accommodate all of your requests.

Fly vs spin fishing in Colorado

We can help you choose the right equipment for the perfect fishing trip in Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.

Your outdoor guide can help you choose the best way to fish

For a beginner, you may be more comfortable with the spin rod as it is a simple, single cast process and then you just wait for the Browns and Rainbows to bite. If you’re the impatient fisherman, the anglers with the spin rods have sometimes been known to catch more fish, much to the annoyance of the neighboring fly fisherman.

However, fly fishing die-hards will tell you that using the fly rod requires more finesse and expertise. The “false casting” with the lightweight rods and flies is done upstream, which mean you need to be able to read the waters and have great casting aim to get to the trout as it approaches upstream.

When it comes to fishing on the Arkansas, Colorado, Gunnison, North Platte or San Miguel River, there is no right or wrong, just an unforgettable adventure of exclusive “catch and release” trout fishing in Gold Medal Waters.

See you in 2016!