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Stories From The Water

Going on a Dvorak Expedition? Do not forget the following…

Even if you have been rafting, kayaking or fishing before, it never hurts to be reminded about those essential items which will maximize your comfort while on your river trip. Here are some suggestions about what to bring with you What to wear in the River?   Hat for sun protection Polypro or synthetic layers (top & bottoms) Nylon/synthetic shorts or swimsuit – quick drying Nylon or synthetic shirt (avoid cotton!) Tennis shoes or sport sandals with straps Wool or polypro socks Rain parka and pants (provided by us) Long john wetsuit and booties (cold months or Class IV trips only) – call for rental rates Sunglasses with retainer strap Sunscreen What to wear in a Camp at night?   Short sleeved shirt Long sleeved shirts (one light, one warm) Warm jacket or windproof or Fleece (water resistant) Shorts Long…

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September 20, 2014


Have you ever wondered how Stand Up Paddleboarding came about? Here’s an article by telling the history of how, when, where and why SUPing was invented! Have you never tried it? Give us a call and this guy will teach you! or   A brief history of Stand Up Paddleboarding Stand up paddling originated in Hawaii surely? Well, maybe or maybe not as Corran Addison looks at other alternatives… In 1778, Captain James Cook sailed into the Hawaiian islands and became the first Europeans to witness the Hawaiian people surfing. He’e nalu as it is called in the native Hawaiian tongue was done either in canoes or on special, ritually carved boards from the Koa tree. The village chief got the biggest board, sometimes as big as 5m long, while lesser village personages were content with smaller 2-3m boards. Because of…

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August 1, 2014