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Plan Your Summer Vacation in the Winter

If you’re looking for a great deal on your summer vacation, you should start planning it right now!

The best way to avoid that winter depression is to turn your mind towards summer and start planning that family vacation. Not only will it get you out of your seasonal funk, but you might just find the bargain of a lifetime to the destination of your dreams.

great deals on family rafting and kayaking trips

Find great deals on family summer vacations by planning and booking in the winter.
Photo: DVK Rafting and Kayaking Expeditions, Arkansas River, Colorado

Get better deals

Some adventures seem unattainable and by the time you start researching it’s the peak of the summer holiday purchasing season, and no one is looking to give discounts. In the slow season, when most people focus on the upcoming holidays, take a break from your online shopping and start Googling some summer vacation destinations.

A lot of companies will have group discounts, airlines may have deals on airfare, and hotels are more likely to give you a great deal because they haven’t started filling up yet. Once 2016 rolls around, you’ll be competing with all the other summer vacation shoppers that deals are few and far between.

Better chance to customize your trip

Say you wanted to take your whole family rafting on a week long multi-day adventure in the great outdoors. Finding your destination and calling local outfitters is another way to get a more exclusive vacation package deal. Since outdoor guide companies aren’t starting to fill up yet, you can talk to the owners or the guides and work with them to customize the exact trip that you want. Since business is slow this time of year, they’ll have more time and flexibility to work with you and accommodate all your needs. You won’t have to compromise because you tried to book in the high season. Book your trip when all spots are open and you can have your pick of the litter.

getting the best deal on your summer vacation

Planning your summer vacation in the winter means that nothing will be booked and you can get exactly what you want. Photo: Fly fishing with Bill Dvorak, DVK Rafting and Kayaking Expeditions, Colorado

Get more personal attention

So, one of these chilly nights, make some homemade soup and have a family brainstorming session about summer vacation destinations. Some may seem crazy, but it’s early enough that you may just find a deal that fits your budget. If nothing else, spending a cold evening with your family fantasizing about the perfect summer vacation will make the winter months much more bearable and give everyone something to look forward to once Santa has come and gone.