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Tips to Outdoor Exercise in The Fall and Winter

The crisp, cool, autumn air is perfect for taking a long run, bike or a hike. But, you have to dress accordingly. You may be nice and warm when you are running, but once you stop, the cold air will force your body temperature to drop quickly. Dress appropriately in the fall and get the most out of your outdoor exercise.

Exercising during the coldest times of the day: Mornings and nights

Tips to cold weather exercise in Colorado

Any type of exercise, running, hiking, or mountain biking, in the cold months requires a few extra layers and sweat resistant clothing.

Most people exercise before or after work. Now that we’re fast approaching winter, the days are getting shorter and colder. That means you need to start wearing a few extra layers when you go outside. And you need to layer with moisture resistant or fast drying materials. Even though it’s cold, you’re still going to sweat. Wearing a warm cotton tee is going to feel comfortable at first, but once it gets sweaty, it’s going to stay sweaty. As soon as you stop or slow down, your tee and your socks are going to freeze up.

You want the moisture to evaporate from your body and your clothes. Make sure you give your body plenty of breathing room, if not, you’re going to feel like you’re exercising with an icepack strapped to your body and feet, and you’ll spend the next few days in bed with a cold.

Make sure you can be seen when you run at dawn or dusk

Tips to autumn fitness

Make sure you can be seen by vehicles and pedestrians if you run, bike, or hike in the dark.

Invest in a reflective vest. The days are getting shorter, so make sure that you can be seen by cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Be sure to wear proper shoes. Not only to support your feet but to protect you from slipping and falling. Park trails and city roads are wet and slippery this time of year. Make sure your soles have enough traction to keep you stable.

And, remember, the best athletic clothing in the world will save you from getting cold and sick, but it won’t save you from strains and injuries. When it’s cold outside, warming your body is more important than ever. Take your time to stretch and set a slower pace in the beginning to let your cold, stiff bones and muscles warm up to the task.

Prepare your body inside and out, so you can continue to enjoy exercising outside all year long.