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Team Building and Corporate Retreats on the Colorado River

The best way to build a team and bring your employees together is to get them out of the office, break the routine and get their blood and adrenaline pumping. Plus, there’s nothing like a little danger to bring a group of people together. Whitewater rafting has everything you need to take your team to the next level and build lifelong camaraderie and respect.

Whether you want to strengthen the bonds between co-workers or just treat them to a fun day in the sun, whitewater rafting has everything you need. In fact, just tell your employees that you are treating them because they deserve it and let the team building happen naturally.

Corporate team building retreats on the Colorado rivers

Rest your bones and start bonding with our co-workers over a gourmet meal and a nice campfire.

You can’t navigate a raft without being unified

Six people padding at different times and different speeds will make you go in circles. If you and your team want to make it to camp before sunset, then you need to start working together. You need to communicate and support each other.

The good news is, whitewater rafting is a total thrill from start to finish. With your adrenaline pumping and the endorphins making you giddy with excitement, there’s no time for egos. You all have one common goal, keep moving and stay in the boat. And if one of your team does end up going swimming, you all need to work together to bring that person safely back in your boat.

Group retreats and corporate event on the Colorado rivers

You have to work together and become a unit to navigate the rapids and get safely back to camp.

Get to know your team better over the campfire

Group retreats and team building events in Colorado

Nothing brings a team together than surviving the rapids and roasting marshmallows by the campfire.

Fun, mixed with a little danger, will make any group of people come together, lean on each other, and work together to navigate safely through the rapids. Fun is the best type of learning. Especially when it doesn’t even feel like learning.

When you finally arrive at camp, wet, tired, and high on dopamine, you’ll all work together to build a campfire, and cook your dinner. This is when you have time to reflect on the shared experience with your co-workers and maybe even get to know them a little more intimately as the sun set over the river canyons. Plus, a little gourmet wine and beer from our local Colorado vendors never hurt at a “get to know each other” event.

We look forward to being a part of your next team building or corporate retreat!