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Fall Camping Prep-List

True outdoorsmen never let a little fall weather stop them from camping or enjoying the great outdoors

It may be colder, but each season brings new beauty to our state, so every season is camping season, as far as we’re concerned. You just need to know how to pack and prepare, so you don’t end up cold, wet and miserable before the night is over.

How to pack for a fall camping trip in Colorado

Buy, rent or borrow a quality three season tent with a tarp and a rain fly. Remember a warm sleeping bag and a sleeping pad…or two.

First of all, many campsites have reduced fees in the off-season. Chances are that now is a great time to visit your favorite camping spot for less than full price. For fall, pick a spot where you can really enjoy all the fall colors.

You should check the weather, though. A little rain won’t hurt you and should be expected on any fall camping trip, but you don’t want to get caught ill-prepared for nighttime frost or a little early snowfall if you are hitting higher altitudes. Fortunately you can pack your way to a great camping trip, no matter what the weather.

Pack a lot of layers for fall camping

As far as clothing is concerned, a lot of light, comfortable, warm layers is what you’ll need. And something that is wind resistant and waterproof as your outer layer. And remember to cover your head and hands. Especially at night. Comfortable waterproof footwear will also go a long way to making fall camping fun.

In terms of camping gear, always assume it is going to be colder than it is and pack your gear accordingly. It is much easier to zip down your ultra warm sleeping bag and cool down, than it is to make a cold sleeping bag warm. If you can get a sleeping bag with a hood, do it. Keep all that great body heat inside by covering your head. Or, you can sleep with a hat on.

You will most certainly also want to bring a sleeping pad. The more protection you can put between yourself and the cold autumn ground the warmer you’ll be and the better you’ll sleep.
If you can get a hold of a three-season tent you’re golden. But you should at least make sure that your tent is still waterproof and has a rain fly. You’ll also want a good tarp as an extra layer between the ground and your tent.

You’re never more than six steps from quality camping gear

Tips to fall camping by Dvorak Expeditions in Colorado

Check the weather before you head out for your fall camping trip. States like Colorado are already seeing the first snowfall at higher altitudes.

If you’re worried about having to spend a bunch of money buying or renting quality camping gear, don’t! Everyone has a relative, friend, neighbor or co-worker who is an avid camper. And if you don’t know them directly, you know someone who knows someone. It’s the six degrees of separation theory. We are all six steps or less from someone who can lend you quality camping gear. Now, all you have to do is pack your favorite campfire foods, stock a cooler and you’re set.

Happy fall camping!