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The Best Time and Place to See the Aspen Trees Changing for Fall

Don’t miss Colorado’s natural fall wonder: the aspen!

Pretty much everywhere you turn in Colorado you find a picture perfect moment. The hardest part for visitors and natives alike is where to go to get the best photo, the best view and the best of Colorado fall colors.

Watch the aspen changing in the fall with DVK

Late September, early October, is the time to find your spot to view the changing of the aspen trees into their golden autumn colors
Photo: Aspen viewing in Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo credit: NPS

Right now, early October, you have the unique opportunity to spend a day among the breathtaking aspen trees that cover the Colorado mountainside. Their brilliant gold fall colors is something every person should experience once in their lifetime. Head to any one of our national forests and you’ll see the quaking aspen glow with vibrant yellow and gold fall colors.

Why the aspen trees always change in unison

The reason behind this natural fall phenomenon is due to their elaborate root system. One mother aspen will send up new root sprouts from her root system. She is essentially producing clones of herself. Each tree is identical to the next. This is why every aspen will turn at the same time in the fall creating a majestic blanket of gold leaves. It is also why this special period in the fall only last for a few weeks each year.

4x4 tours to see the aspen change for fall with DVK

Finding a local outfitter will help you get to the perfect place to see this natural fall wonder: the changing of the aspen trees. Photo credit: Aspen trees in Wyoming, NPS

But aspen trees can do more than just grow and change in unison. Native Colorado tribes have used the bark of the aspen for medicinal purposes for generations. Aspen bark tea was said to alleviate a fever, inner aspen bark was eaten raw in the spring, and the hard outer bark of the aspen would be pulverized and used as a sunscreen. And of course, most of our local wildlife are simply wild about the aspen tree.

To see the amazing aspen in action, find a local outfitting company who will know exactly where to take you for the perfect viewing. If you hurry, the southern mountains in Colorado will still be boasting the best color for the first few weeks of October.