We are happy to answer any of the questions you might need help with when planning your trip with Dvorak Expeditions. Just email us at or call us anytime at 1-800-824-3795.

We want to assure you that we have years of experience taking families of all sizes, generations, and ages down our rivers. We love these family trips and know that there are always special concerns when you have younger children or elder members of your family near water.

Below are some quick answers to some of the questions we often receive from parents bringing their families on one of our river trips.

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1. How can I be comfortable and what do I wear?

Check out our “What to Pack” set of recommendations. We can also send you a complete list of what to bring and if you don’t have selected items, often these can be rented from us or a local outlet.

2. What if I cannot swim?

Many of our guests cannot swim. We supply the best Type 5 U.S. Coast guard PFDs (personal flotation devices) which keep you bouncing above the waves if you should for some reason fall out of your boat.

3. Is the river trip all whitewater?

No, whitewater rapids are encountered as the river descends or twists between stretches of calm water. On many rivers, the extent of flatwater versus rapids depends on the gradient of the river. Also, depending on the time of year and snowpack run-off each season, water flow and the size of a river’s rapids will be lower or higher.

4. Do I have to paddle?

You have a choice. We offer paddle boat crews where four to seven people join a guide and paddle down the river. Alternately, you may enjoy the ride as a passenger!

5. What’s on the menu and what if I don’t like it?

Food is key and is a wonderful way to make your day on the river extra special. We at Dvorak Expeditions enjoy making your meals from scratch and baking the most tantalizing desserts. We use fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, whole grain breads and specialize in those big country breakfasts served up with freshly “brewed” coffee and tea. If you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements, we can accommodate these with minimal effort. We provide a glass of wine with dinner, but you will need to provide your own spirits or beer in unbreakable containers. We love to plan special surprises for birthdays and anniversaries, so let us know before your trip who is having a special day and the occasion and we will help plan a terrific celebration.

6. Do we have to fill a raft?

Whether you come alone or bring 25 friends, we can accommodate you on a trip. We are limited to maximum group sizes on some rivers, but on many others there is no issue with a larger party.

7. Are my children too young?

We have 10 rivers and 29 different canyon trips to offer you and your family. We always specify any minimum age limitations for each trip so look through your options and find the best trip to suit your families size and ages. Look into our “Special Family Trips” for our trips where kids go free!

8. What if this is my first raft trip?

We take first time rafters down our rivers all the time! Most of our trips are suitable for first time rafters, kayakers or oar boat passengers.

9. What is the weather like?

For this information please see Prepare to Go.

If you have other questions, please contact us by e-mail or call (800) 824-3795.

10. Do you offer special “family rates” for your trips?

Check out our “Other Adventures” for selected trips where kids go free!

11. What emergency facilities are available?

We have longstanding relationships with medical support teams serving our rivers and fortunately, rarely have had to rely on them. Please call us for specific information about the local facilities for your river trip.

12. What other activities can I add-on to my river trip?

Our multisport trips take all the headaches out of planning a well-rounded experience in the outdoors. You can also call us to find out more about specific options (national park visits, ghost town visits, hot springs etc.) which you might want to add-on to your trip. We know the area well and are happy to help you.

13. What safety training do your guides receive?

Our guides train under one of the most rigorous guide training programs with among the highest standards for rafting companies worldwide.

14. Do I need to bring any special equipment or gear for my kids?

We have personal floatation devices and river gear which is kid’s sized so rarely do you need to bring extra equipment for even younger children.

15. Can I purchase photos from my trip?

Yes you can.  Visit this website and enter the date(s) of your trip and you’ll be able to view and purchase photos.

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