Dates: (March – April – November)
1-Day | 4-Day | 7-Day options: 
You can raft the warm whitewater of these beautiful desert canyons below Big Bend National Park; (San Francisco, Reagan and Panther Canyons) the legendary Rio Grande allows us to travel by raft,, kayak, SUPS from Big Bend National Park into a wondrous environment full of exotic birds, plants and animals unlike most of the southwestern rivers in the USA .

A wilderness trip through the canyons of the Rio Grande includes quiet stretches of river flows punctuated with rollicking rapids, side hikes to old homesteads and the mysterious and beautiful Candelilla plant ruins where Mexicans melted the Candililla plant to make candles many years ago. Taking a family away and unplugging them for a week on this popular “Spring Break” trip is one you’ll never regret!

RIO GRANDE: Colorado & Santa Elana Canyons (TEX-MEX) 4 Day Rafting & Kayaking Tour

19 & 21 Miles each | Class II – III +
1-4 days  (March – April & November)

Warm sun, spectacular canyons and moderate rapids make these trips perfect for a family Thanksgiving Holiday. The Colorado Canyons cut through igneous rock, offering fun rapids of Class II and III. In the Santa Elena Canyon you will raft beneath magnificent sheer limestone walls towering up to 1,500 feet above. Rockslide Rapid is sure to excite the whitewater enthusiast. This is an excellent trip for learn to hard shell kayak,  inflatable kayaks or SUP’s with full raft support.

1-Day @ $160 Adult / $145 Child ($1120 per boat with 2-7 persons)  Special arrangements and minimum trip size of 10 required.

4-Day  @ $672 Adult / $614 Child  | Activity level: MODERATE
(Call our agents to discuss your details) 800 824-3795 toll free

Rio Grande line of boats
RIO GRANDE: Lower Canyons (TEX-MEX) 7 Day Rafting & Kayaking Tour

RIO GRANDE – Texas / Mexico Border 
90 miles | Class II – III |
7 days (March – April  & November)

EXCELLENT “WARM” SPRING BREAK RAFTING ADVENTURE: Enjoy this wilderness trip in the warm sun of southern Texas to the Mexican border. The river winds through the solitude and silence of dep chasms, rocky flats and desert mountains. The water is baked in the southern sun to a temperature of 70 degrees with day time highs of 60-90 degrees. March and April`s desert spring bloom adds a special dimension to this journey into southern wilderness. Designated Wild & Scenic it has good rapids, quiet stretches and fascinating hikes to old homesteads. The pace offers time to perfect boating skills with instruction or to relax on the rafts.

7 Day @  $1450 Adult / $1350 Child  | Activity level: MODERATE

Rio Grande