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Jimmy Kimmel Joins the Board of American Rivers

(Late night host, comedian, fly fisherman and environmentalist Jimmy Kimmel joins the board of American Rivers. Photo Credit: Angela George)

A little humor goes a long way in the grueling efforts to protect our rivers

Preservation efforts can take a long time and be grueling, frustrating work. Just ask Bill Dvorak, who spent 23 years trying to gain National Monument status for Browns Canyon! So, in between the serious business of protecting, restoring and conserving our rivers, the American Rivers board of directors has added a little humor into the mix. Late night host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel is the latest to join the board of American Rivers.

“Since 1973, American Rivers has protected and restored more than 150,000 miles of rivers through advocacy efforts, on-the-ground projects, and an annual America’s Most Endangered Rivers® campaign – American Rivers

It turns out that Kimmel has joined the board for more than just comic relief. The comedian is an avid fly-fisherman and wants to help protect our rivers and fly fishing spots for generations to come.

a person riding on the back of a boat next to a river

At Dvorak, we applaud anyone who joins the fight to clean up our rivers and encourage everyone to get involved. If everyone just did their part to pick up after themselves when they visit one of our many rivers, parks, beaches, hiking trails, etc. we’d take a giant step towards protecting, preserving and conserving our rivers. It’s like the old kindergarten mentality, when it comes to cleaning up, if everyone grabs five toys pieces of trash, and we’ll be done a lot sooner than if you slack off and leave the cleanup to someone else.

2014 River Cleanup Statistics

According to American Rivers, 2014 boasted more than 1000 river cleanup sites with over 87,000 volunteers nationwide picking up more than 4.3 million pounds of trash! Unfortunately, there’s still a whole lot of trash left to cleanup, so join the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and American Rivers and join or arrange a local river cleanup with your community.

Dvorak Colorado River Rafting Conservation Efforts

Bill Dvorak, like Kimmel, is an avid fly fisherman and river enthusiast. The Dvorak team supports a number of conservations efforts and we applaud anyone who joins in the fight to protect our rivers, nature and wildlife.

Help us protect our rivers, pick up after yourself, and feel good about enjoying an unforgettable Colorado river rafting and kayaking adventure or an award winning trout fishing trip to some of Colorado’s best fishing spots.

Call (800) 824-3795/(719) 539-6851 to customize your next outdoor river adventure.

Dvorak offers rafting, kayaking and fishing trips of the Colorado River, Dolores River, Green River, Arkansas River, Gunnison River, Salmon River, North Platte River, San Miguel River and Rio Grande River