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Tips to a Great White Water Rafting Trip in Colorado (Part 2)

The family that rafts together, laughs together

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Talk to DVK about the perfect family whitewater vacation, including kids of all ages.

If you’ve never been rafting but have always wanted to try, the best thing you can do is talk to a professional outfitter who will breakdown of what to expect once you are in your raft heading down the river towards the rapids.

For beginners and families with small kids, we will always give you a briefing before we head out so that you know exactly what to expect. We make sure you know how to react in case you go overboard, what commands the instructor will be calling out, and how you need to conduct yourself in the raft for a safe, but adrenaline pumping, rafting and kayaking adventure.

Rafting in Colorado is a great family vacation

Your get to be outdoors, you get to be active, you get thrills and excitement, and you’ll experience wildlife and plantlife like you’ve never seen. This is what Colorado is famous for: rivers, dales, plains, mountains, canyons, cowboys, Indians, bears, birds, bison, and Bighorn sheep, just to name a few things. These are also the types of sights you want to share with your kids, and for that reason, the Dvorak team can make sure that you hit the perfect waters so that everyone feels safe and calm, but still experiencing a few drops and splashes along the way.

Family whitewater rafting vacations in Colorado

Kids love a good adventure. Take them with you on the ultimate kid friendly whitewater rafting and kayaking vacation in Colorado.

Kids Go FREE whitewater rafting trips in Colorado

Our family has made a living off of rafting the rivers, and we want nothing more than to share our love of rafting and kayaking with every other family. That is why we offer KIDS GO FREE Trips, to make it even easier and affordable to share this experience with their youngest kids.

We’ll be happy to put together a multi-sport family vacation using all of our years of insider knowledge, we’ll customize the trip to your specific needs, making it the perfect family vacation.

Nothing beats Colorado river rafting. Call now and book your trip for the 2016 season.