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Stories From The Water

ASK A GUIDE #3 | HOW and WHY I become a Whitewater Guide

When Work Becomes Play It was Robert Frost who said “When work becomes play, and play becomes your work – your life unfolds.” A whitewater guide can tell you from experience that this is true.  A love for the outdoors, the desire for extraordinary life experiences, and the right training can make it happen for you. “I went on my 1st river at 14 – Ocoee River in West Va with my family. The experience was exciting, and learning to paddle our craft in the river was quite empowering for me. I was immediately hooked on paddling.” says Justin M. of Salida, Colorado. “Our guide seemed to have everything figured out – he was prepared for anything that could happen on the river. His skills for reading the river and knowing how to negotiate our actions made a huge impression on me.  He was…

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February 22, 2017