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Stories From The Water

How Does National Monument Status Affect Rafting in Browns Canyon?

So, now that Browns Canyon is a National Monument and federally protected, you’re probably asking yourself how this will affect opportunities to raft the white waters of the Arkansas River. Bill Dvorak was an integral part is securing national monument status for Browns Canyon, and ensuring the tradition of whitewater rafting was an important aspect of this conservation initiative. Whitewater rafting continues in Browns Canyon Since management of the Arkansas River will remain the same, the tradition whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River will continue for generations to come. But now that Browns Canyon is a national monument, there are other areas of the park that are now protected and maintained, like the unparalleled rafting, kayaking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, climbing and hiking. Monument status will also protect historic water and grazing rights. No new roads will be constructed in…

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March 27, 2015

Colorado’s Snow Pack is in Decline, Conserve Water!

With all the snow we’ve had this winter, it can be hard to imagine that our water supply is dwindling and a drought is waiting right around the corner. But as summer approaches, it’s time to share a few water conservation tips from Colorado University’s Environmental Center. Dvorak is behind a number of conservation efforts, and as we raft down the many rivers of the Southwestern States, we are reminded at how precious our water is, and that we must protect it at all costs. Colorado’s snow pack is in decline and could affect rafting You may have been frustrated by a long cold, snowy winter. But Colorado depends on this snow for about 50-80% of our yearly water supply. And even though it seems like we’ve gotten a massive amount of snow this winter, the Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability…

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March 18, 2015