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Stories From The Water

Ten Camping Tips

Ten Ways to Camp Better (and More) Brendan Leonard, National Geographic Camping is one of the best and easiest escapes into nature, away from the chores of daily life. The more nights this summer you can spend staring at a campfire and sleeping under a canopy of stars, the better, even if you stay close to home. Here are ten ways to make it more fun and happen more often. 1. Night Lighting A campsite can feel a little lonely when you’re walking around in the darkness if the only light is coming from the small LED bulb in your headlamp. One or two additional lighting options can make the campsite, kitchen, and tent feel more inviting. 2. Camp on a School Night A camping trip doesn’t have to take up an entire weekend or be a three-day backpacking route…

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July 25, 2016