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Rafting trip 8/8/10

I don’t know if this will end up with anyone, but if it does, my family (Rogers party of 4) went out with Russ as a guide. We had a ball. It was a truly awesome day. Fabulous weather, gorgeous river, fun company. Russ was great. As we left, my husband mentioned that he thought Russ thought we were mad because two of us – mainly my daughter and me – didn’t manage to stay in the boat. HECK NO. That was part of the fun. I’ve rafted several times and never gone out, so it was a SHOCK when I felt myself going over. Katie was a tad scared at the time, but once back in the boat she thought it was pretty darn funny. And it will give us stories for years… It wasn’t Russ’s fault, after all, that we couldn’t follow the first rule (stay in the boat). We both managed to follow the second (hold on to your paddle). It was terrific fun and Russ was great….. My daughter Anna has already Facebooked the whole adventure!
Meg Rogers