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Thanks from the Glawe family

Hello Dvorak Expeditions,

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasant rafting trip experience we
recently had on the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon on Friday July 30.
Our guide was “T” and Dave was our driver that day. My family and I enjoyed
this excursion and I wanted to relate that to you.

At the outset, we were accosted and our raft pushed to the side by another
group of rafters from another company trying to hurry their launch into the
river. I was impressed how professionally T acted toward the leaders of
this group, who were not especially pleasant. Thanks T for showing my 2
young sons how to act calmly in the face of arrogant, inconsiderate people.
My 11 year old son actually commented on this. After this episode, the rest
of trip went smoothly.

Thanks to T and Dave for driving up to meet us and take us on the river. We
have used you all before and will continue to do so for our rafting trips.


The Glawe family: Chris, Phyllis, John, Thomas (also “T”) and Phoebe