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Get Wild on the Rio Grande for Spring Break with DVK Expeditions

Make “Spring Break 2015” a DVK adventure on the Rio Grande

Spring Break is right around the corner. Before you know it, the flowers will start to poke through the melting snow, and you’ll be packing your bikini for the your Spring Break adventures. This year, instead of following the old tired traditions of going wild in Mexico by a pool, why not gather up your friends for a wild, challenging, adrenaline filled spring break on the Rio Grande with DVK Expeditions. The best part is, this is the kind of wild that looks good on all ages!

Rio Grande sunset

Experience the sun setting over the Rio Grande with DVK expeditions

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You can still pack up your bikini and sunscreen when you head to the warm, sunny boarder between Texas and Mexico to learn how to whitewater raft, kayak and SUP down the Rio Grande.  This is a great vacation for the whole family, or just a group of friends celebrating spring break together with, either way you can make it an unforgettable bonding experience. And if you are taking along young children, talk to us about which days “Kids Go Free”!

Really, it’s for all ages; DVK can accommodate the whole family, from the youngest child to family dog. Everyone will have fun on our adventure through quiet river stretches or rollicking rapids that get your adrenaline pumping. How about exploring canyons and mysterious ruins? Hike into the southern wilderness to old homesteads while the new spring flowers begin to bloom around you. You can have all these wild, fun, healthy and nature friendly Spring Break expeditions with us, so BOOK NOW!

The whole family, including your dog, is welcome on DVK's Rio Grande spring break expedition

The whole family, including your dog, is welcome on DVK’s Rio Grande spring break expedition

Dvorak Expeditions has the best outdoor guided tours for spring break



No matter who you are travelling with, or if you are experienced on the river or not, DVK Expeditions has spring break package suited for your needs. And with our “Kids Go Free” days for children 12 years or younger, we’re making this spring break more affordable for the whole family. After a long, cold and snow covered winter, treat yourself to some fun in the sun on the border of Mexico and Texas. The historical Rio Grande is the place to be this spring break 2015. Call Dvorak for more information about multi-sport adventures, family trips and group retreats and let us put together the perfect outdoor experience.

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