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Dvorak is Taking Reservations for Christo’s “OVER THE RIVER” Adventure

Christo finally gets approval for his “Over the River” art installation

It was a great start to the New Year for both the artist Christo and DVK. We’ve been waiting for a long time for this court decision to come through, and finally, just as we entered the New Year, the Federal District Court announced it would allow the artist, Christo, to complete his incredible art project  and vision, Over the River. This is going to be an unforgettable trip down the Arkansas River. Dvorak Expeditions is proud to be able to offer this experience to our customers. The installation may take a few years to complete, but we are already taking reservations, as this is going to be a must-see, once in a lifetime experience.

Christo's Over the River art Coming 2017

Experience the Arkansas River like never before with Christo’s Over the River art installation. Coming 2017.

Over the River through Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Arkansas River

Experience the Arkansas River like never before. Spend 3 hours floating down the river, through Bighorn Sheep Canyon. As you look up, you’ll see 5.9 miles of shimmery fabric panels that will act like artistic sunglasses, giving you a much more saturated view of the clouds and contours of the mountains and Colorado landscape. The artist Christo has been fighting the courts for years to realize this project. And the approval from the Federal District Court is a very good sign that this project may indeed become reality.  Although we are still waiting for one more court decision, Dvorak Expeditions is already taking reservations for this adventure that will (fingers crossed) take place sometime in 2017. Get to experience the Arkansas River through the eyes of an artist as you float down the river on Dvorak’s float-rafts.

Coming 2017 Christo's Over the River Project

Preservation of the Arkansas River takes precedence over art installation

We are so excited that Christo chose the Arkansas River as the canvas for his vision and future exhibition. We know the natural beauty that this river has to offer, and we can’t wait to see how Christo’s vision will enhance this river experience for our customers and as well as our guides. We are the oldest outdoor guide operation in the country, so there is very little we haven’t seen when it comes to wildlife, nature, water and ancient ruins and homesteads in and around this stretch of the Arkansas River, Colorado, and we welcome Christo and his art installation to shed new light on an old adventure. And even though we can’t wait for this project to be completed, we also appreciate the time it has taken to get approval, as well as the 28 months it will take to install. Because first and foremost, it is about preserving what is already there and we are happy that Christo and the Bureau of Land Management are taking their time to make sure that nothing is harmed in the process of setting up this installation. Reserve your seat today for this incredible experience!