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Fun Water Sports to Try Out with Your Family in Colorado This Summer

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If you’re looking for a way to stay cool and entertained in the summer, Colorado is the right place to be at. There is no shortage of fun-filled summer water sports you and your family can enjoy in Colorado. There are two types of water sports—in and underwater and above-water sports. Let’s discuss some of the very prominent ones.

In and Underwater Sports

If you are someone who loves the cool, crisp waters of Colorado, then these are the top options for you. These activities will have you enjoying the world beneath the water surface.

Scuba Diving in Colorado

Colorado is actually a hot spot for scuba divers despite the fact that there isn’t an ocean in sight. If you want to scuba dive in this landlocked state, lakes, and reservoirs are your only options, but the fun is unlimited, and you will be amazed!

Colorado has the sixth-highest number of certified divers in the US. Larimer County has two famous diving spots by Fort Collins: Carter Lake and Horsetooth Reservoir. The good news is that you can go diving all year round.

Apart from these, there is Jefferson Lake, The Dillon Pinnacles in Blue Mesa Reservoir, and the Elk Creek Marina, but these are suited for more experienced divers.


Want to experience a great combination of diving and fishing? Well, you can do this with spearfishing. Unlike traditional fishing methods, spearfishing uses a speargun to target fish while you are submerged underwater. Some of the best places to go spearfishing include Pueblo Reservoir, Green Mountain Reservoir, and east of the Continental Divide.

Above-the-Water Sports in Colorado

If being underwater isn’t your cup of tea, then some of the watersports mentioned below may appeal to you more.

Rafting in Colorado

Whether you’re a local or a visiting tourist, you really can’t afford to miss rafting in Colorado. Colorado and whitewater rafting are practically synonymous. The rafting season lasts from April to September and is often in high demand when the sun melts the snow on the mountains. If it’s a family trip, then the Colorado River, Arkansas River, and Gunnison River are your best bet.

While there are some adrenaline-spiking spots, the ride downstream offers sections that can be mild for young families to wild and bold for the most part. Avid adventure seekers will find the world-famous Arkansas River to their liking.


Over the last few years, kayaking has really exploded in the water sports industry. This is hardly surprising considering that there are so many gorgeous rivers to choose from in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain rivers to spark your paddling skills are Arkansas, Colorado, Gunnison, North Platte, and San Miguel, to name a few, which are some locations that provide stunning backdrops for this sport.  Many pass through National monuments, State, and National parks.

River Tubing & Mini Rafts

When the rivers calm down their high flows you’ll want to enjoy the cool waters for this later summer activity. It is fun for all ages and can be enjoyed on a variety of rivers around Colorado. The season typically runs from June through September. You can rent a float tube from Dvorak Kayak and Rafting Expeditions and enjoy the waves in the Salida River park on the Arkansas River.


Fishing is a year-round activity in Colorado, with places to cast a line located all across the state. We offer customized guided fishing trips and fly fishing instruction; to ensure you get the best value on Colorado’s western Gold Medal Trout waters. Check out the Gunnison and Arkansas Rivers for daily and multi-day opportunities.


To learn more about our watersport equipment rental, float fishing, and rafting services, call 719.539.6851, or visit our website.