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Are Hot Springs on Your Bucket List? Come River Rafting With Us!

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Hot springs and river rafting are like yin and yang. After a long day of rafting along the Arkansas River, a late afternoon in the natural hot springs of the Rocky Mountains is the relaxation necessary for a day of adventure and excitement.


As we soak in nature’s tub, the water contains natural minerals that increase circulation and overall oxygen flow in our bodies. The buoyancy of mineralized water allows for freer movement that supports the body’s joints, and the high silica content smooths and softens dry skin.


River rafting involves maneuvering rapids while traveling with the river’s current via an inflatable raft. It is enjoyed by those seeking an adrenaline rush, professionals wanting to test their skills, and even families looking for a day of fun and adventure hosted by a guide.


After a fun day of river rafting, you likely worked out your muscles without even realizing it; hot springs are sure to relax any tense muscles you may have from the thrill of navigating energetic waters. As your body temperature rises and your energy dissipates, the cooling you experience when exiting the hot springs will put you at peak relaxation before falling into a deep sleep.


Complement the tranquil hot springs with a healthy rush of river rafting. Learn more about the benefits of river rafting below.

Physical Health Benefits

When outside in the Arkansas River Valley, you’re sure to boost your immune system by soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air. Take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth for a surge of natural energy. River rafting is fun, but a challenging physical activity too, the fast and fierce paddling and the endurance it takes to do so, tones your arms, back, and shoulders. As the river’s current strengthens, you do too.

Mental Health Benefits

The more you connect with the environment, the more you can disconnect from technology. Unplugging from technology is like a reboot for your brain. With a clear mind, take the opportunity to work with nature as you learn to navigate the rapids, perhaps discovering a new passion along the way. Learning a new activity in the arms of nature never fails to reduce stress and anxiety.

Quenches the Thirst for Something New

The majority of rafting rivers are located in scenic areas. Experiencing your surroundings by way of river offers an entirely new way to get to know your location. Not only satisfying your craving for adventure, river rafting also provides you with the confidence that comes with acquiring new skills. What’s more, you’ll receive an immersive education on riverscapes like the Arkansas River Valley.





More than 14,000-foot peaks surround the Arkansas River Valley, and as the river cuts through, the view changes every few miles. There is so much to notice, so much to be present for as the Arkansas River Valley fully immerses you into its natural world.


Dvorak Kayak and Rafting Expeditions is situated in a prime location amidst it all and offers watersport equipment rentals, shuttles, whitewater rafting, float fishing, and river rescue courses. Call us at 719.539.6851 or visit our website to come river rafting with us and we will direct you to the many hot spring pools the valley features to ensure a good night’s sleep after a great day’s adventure.