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Bill Dvorak and Browns Canyon National Monument Victory Cont’d

We’re still just so thrilled about Browns Canyon becoming the newest National Monument in the United States. It really is a proud moment and we’re still jumping up and down and shouting this wonderful news from the rooftops…and our blogs! For our fearless leader, Bill Dvorak, this is truly a personal victory on many levels, and it makes all of the years (and years and years) of hard work worthwhile.


Colorado river rafting through Browns Canyon National Monument

Colorado river rafting through Browns Canyon National Monument

Rafting through the West’s most iconic landscapes

Dvorak Expeditions has long been rafting down the Arkansas River, showing our outdoor adventurers the rugged beauty of Colorado’s Browns Canyon, with its diverse wildlife and world renowned trout fishing. And now that this is officially a National Monument, we are ensured that we can continue to show off this iconic landscape for generations to come. For Bill Dvorak (and the rest of the Dvorak family), this is what it is all about! And being present along with our fellow Coloradans during the ceremony making Browns Canyon a National Monument was a proud day indeed.

“It took a lot of work by many people over more than two decades to get to this point and we’re grateful that the president responded to the overwhelming support here in Colorado and across the country for a national monument. Browns Canyon provides important fish and wildlife habitat and some of the best whitewater rafting in the world. It’s a vital part of the area economy and a gem that deserves to be conserved.” Bill Dvorak, National Wildlife Federation and renowned outdoor guide and river outfitter for Dvorak Expeditions


Colorado river rafting with Dvorak Expeditions

Bill Dvorak was the first person in the United States to become a licensed outfitter, and since then he has taken countless trips down the many rivers in the Southwestern states, including the Arkansas River in Colorado that can now boast the first trip through Browns Canyon: National Monument! Experience the thrill of the rapids, the rugged backcountry, colorful rock formations and a wide variety of wildlife from black bears to soaring eagles. Dvorak offers rafting trips fit for the whole family, as well as the thrill seeking adventurer. It’s a trip you’ll never forget, and hopefully it will inspire you and your children to join the fight to protect and preserve the landscape, wildlife, rivers and plant life for our children’s future.  Sign up for rafting, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, zip lining, exploring nature and wildlife, fly fishing and much much more throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Texas.

Bill & Jaci Dvorak

Bill & Jaci Dvorak

Dvorak’s Expeditions – Est. 1969 

Family Owned & Operated  

Bill & Jaci Dvorak