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a sign on the side of a mountain

a sign on the side of a mountain

Colorado has been one of the top vacation spots for decades. With its breathtaking scenery and outdoors culture, it’s been a hot spot for anyone yearning for some outdoor fun. If you’re still not convinced to plan your next trip to Colorado, here are twelve reasons to book your next trip to the Rocky Mountains state.

a pile of fruit

Colorado is known for its local farm to table scene. Many of the restaurants allow you to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and locally sourced free-range meats. Do you want to cook at home instead? Not to worry, most towns, from tiny to massive, have farmers marketing weekly where you can stock up on all your local grocery needs. Colorado also has fruit stands along most routes so you can grab some famous Palisades Peaches or Honey Crisp apples to make every road trip even better.


a deer in a field

Colorado has thousands of acres of National Parks, Forests, Monuments. Within these deep woods, you can wind and wander along miles of hiking trails, bike single tracks where the true Colorado natives are found. Elk, foxes, birds, deer, bears, and moose are just some of the friends you might spot along the way. You can also take the easier route and visit one of the many public accessible farms or ranches, housing horses, llamas, cows, goats, and many more domestic creatures.  The Denver Museum of Natural History is one of the Best in the world for viewing all this and more.


a body of water with a mountain in the background

There are many reasons why are Rivers here in Colorado are astonishing. All of the rivers in Colorado are headwaters and feed the rest of the country from their resources. The most obvious reason being the breathtaking scenery that will engulf you when you visit any one of Colorado ‘s rivers. Secondly, these rivers are home to some of the best most famous whitewater rafting this planet has to offer. These rivers have something for everyone, from beginner and child-friendly sections to expert and skillful Class IV sections. But rafting isn’t the only water sport available to you. SUPing, kayaking, tubing, fishing are just some of the river activities you can participate in.


a large mountain in the background

Colorado is known for its 14ers, but it doesn’t matter how big or small you are willing to go, there are hundreds of beautiful majestic mountains calling your name in this Rocky Mountain State. You can climb to the top for a bird’s eye view or relish in the marvels on a hike around the base of these majestic peaks. The Arkansas River Valley in central Colorado has the most concentrated place to hike and climb these 13 – 14,000 Peaks.

a cup of coffee

Colorado has stepped its game up in the world of local craft brewing. With every town and city offering many different options of craft beer, it’s hard to go wrong. Here in the Arkansas River Valley – Chaffee County, we have some of the highly sought after breweries making a perfect gathering place after any adventure.  Suggested guide book of Colorado breweries is Mountain Brew – A Guide to Colorado Breweries by Ed Sealover. 


a tree with a mountain in the background

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are all delights in Colorado. Fall brings the most brilliant colors with the changing of the Aspen leaves while winter transforms you to the perfect storybook winter wonderland. Summer and spring present lush green trees and brilliantly full lakes and rivers. It doesn’t matter what season you love the most Colorado will charm you any time of the year.

a herd of sheep standing on top of a grass covered field

Gold, Cowboys, and old mining towns make Colorado a massive part of American History. Many of these cities and towns started as mining towns way back in the day. Most of these towns preserved their old-time vibes, and it is expressed through the structures and architecture of these mountain towns. There are even ghost towns that you can visit, which, although abandoned, are preserved and bring you back in time to show you the History of these wild west locations. Even farther back then, cowboys and miners are the native people’s history that can be seen still today through rock structures, carvings, and writings found deep in these high desert landscapes.  Salida and Buena Vista, Colorado has the largest concentration of historical building and the district is filled with stories to entertain any history buff!  


a man standing next to a river

Colorado is home to some of the best fishing in the United States. Fly Fishing being one of the most sought after activities. People come from all over the world to try their hand at catching Trout in the Colorado’s Gold medal waters. The Gunnison River Gorge is the top of everyone’s bucket list. Exclusive, unique, and one of the most stunning places you will ever see makes the Gunny Gorge a real trip of a lifetime.  The Arkansas River has the longest concentrated miles of Gold Medal waters, 145 miles from Leadville, Colorado to Canon City, Colorado.   This is the world famous stretch of whitewater rafting in the country and home to Rainbow and Brown Trout fishing.


a tree with a mountain in the background

Colorado is contagious. Everyone here loves the outdoors and makes it a part of there everyday life. Ski breaks, lunch bike rides, afternoon hikes, bird walks,  climbing,  biking and photography all make days off  fun and easy to appreciate nature these are all built into the work-life of Colorado folks. It’s hard to come to Colorado and not get emerged entirely into the Colorado way of life. You will want to stay longer or come back often once you feel the native culture.


a man riding on the back of a boat in the water

Colorado is notorious for its sports. Skiing, snowboarding, biking, rock climbing, moto bikes, hunting, rafting, and kayaking, hiking and horseback riding are just some of the sports that bring people from all over the world. These sports along with athletic team activities are not only good for the body but by using the fresh air, the mountains and landscape as your playing field, it also brings so much to the clear your mind and enrich your soul. Colorado allows you to bring nature and movement together as one, and it is consistently topping charts as one of the healthiest places to live on earth.


a large mountain in the background

Colorado makes it easy to get your fix of national parks, as well. Along with thousands of acres of national forest, Colorado is also home to four national parks, as well. Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Mesa Verde National Park are all within a few hour’s drives of one another. On top of that, Colorado also has many national monuments as well, including Chaffee County’s very own Brown’s Canyon National Monument, which you can see via rafting, kayaking, hiking, or fishing trip.  A great itinerary would be to circle Colorado and catch the National Parks at all 4 corners and play in-between and relax at some of the many hot springs throughout the state.  


a sign on the side of a snow covered mountain
Colorado is truly a life-changing place. A few days in this high mountain desert will leave you and your loved ones dazzled and delighted. It’s hard to leave Colorado without it changing you from the inside out. With over 350 days of sun, Colorado is one of the sunniest states, which makes for a perfect trip no matter what season you come to visit. So if you’re ready to elevate your vacation and indulge in a trip of a lifetime, we hope to see you out here soon!

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