Why You Need to Book a River Rafting Adventure This Spring

Imagine being amidst the beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery and rafting down some intense and extreme rapids or just floating along some easier sections of whitewater.  The sights and sounds of river rafting are thrilling. Few aspects make springtime river rafting more amazing than during any other time of the year. For adventure lovers, spring is the season to continue their tryst with rafting. In Colorado, rafting is the best of the best. The Arkansas River is the most popular river in the country and supports many other outdoor adventures.

Here are a few reasons you should consider booking a river rafting adventure this spring.

This River Is Not as Crowded as It Is during Summer

During the summer, a rising number of people schedule a river rafting adventure experience. Getting a reservation at a convenient time could be tricky during the summer season. However, in spring, fewer people are hitting the rivers. Thus, it is easier to schedule a rafting trip at a convenient time.

The Weather Is Perfect in the Southwestern US in Spring

Want to make the best of river rafting adventure in the southwest US? There can be no better time than spring. The days are warm, and the nights are cool during spring. Thus, planning a river rafting adventure sometime during the middle of the day is ideal.

Guides Will Have Enough Time to Spend with You or Your Group Who Has Booked the Adventure Trip

The rivers are a rich source of history. They have an exciting subject to tell to those willing to lend an ear. During the summer, people go to the rivers in search of adventure. Thus, the rivers swell with people. However, in spring, the water bodies are less crowded, giving the guides time to breathe. The guides also explain to visitors interested in knowing facts about the vicinity. If you wish to spend quality time with your guide, you need to book a river rafting adventure this spring.

Health Benefits of Embarking on a River Rafting Adventure This Spring

River rafting has several advantages. A few of them are:-

Helps in Reducing Stress

A river rafting adventure trip allows participants to unplug and escape the city’s noise and crowds and transports them to a completely different environment. The nature and the river’s surroundings leave individuals embarking on the river rafting adventure stress-free. Participants experience bliss, especially when the water body moves in slow motion.

Access to Fresh Air and Natural Sunlight – Over 360 Sunny Days a Year in Colorado

Besides being a great adventure activity, going on a river rafting adventure trip during spring exposes one to natural daylight, and one can breathe fresh air. Additionally, river rafting is a great way to improve muscle strength.

Helps Bonds with Family and Friends 

River rafting helps families bond and work as a unit. When going on a river rafting adventure with family, every member has a role. It allows participants to hone teamwork and leadership skills. It’s time for those conversations without a to do list! 




The weather in Colorado during spring is pleasant and inviting. Against the backdrop of the 14,000 ft Peaks in central Colorado, Dvorak Kayak and Rafting Expeditions offer watersport equipment rentals, shuttles, whitewater rafting, float fishing, and river rescue courses. If you wish to have an adventurous time this spring in Colorado, call us at 719.539.6851 or visit our website to learn more.

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