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Top reason to Live in the Centennial State of Colorado

This is why we live in Colorado!

A survey by Colorado College was just released citing the top reasons for living in Colorado. Dvorak has built a life based on the beauty and the rivers and the Colorado landscape, so we are not surprised to find that access to nature, clean air and water is at the top of the list.

why we live in colorado

Clean air. nature and fresh water are the top reasons people choose to live in Colorado.

Survey by the Colorado College on living in Colorado

An abundance of public land, clean air and water and a healthy outdoor lifestyle are the top reasons that people chose to live in Colorado. And we couldn’t agree more. We’ve been enjoying and making a living based on those very principles. We love to provide incredible adventures featuring the rivers, natural habitats, wildlife and anything involving being outdoors, and our never ending access to peaks, canyons and rivers have provided us and our customers with lifelong memories and a wonderful life in the great Colorado outdoors.

Love of nature and preservation are some of the reasons we live in Colorado

Love of nature and preservation are some of the reasons we live in Colorado

Key finding in Colorado College survey

  • 96 percent site public lands management and protection of public lands for future generations as a priority
  • 96 percent site access on public lands for recreational activities is the most important reason for living in Colorado
  • 96 percent say they visited national public lands in the last year.
  • 84 percent support protection of existing public lands as national monuments.
  • only 16 percent would support selling off public lands in order to reduce the deficit

Dvorak Expeditions support a number of conservation efforts in the Southwestern US

Mountain top

Experience the beauty of Colorado with Dvorak Expeditions

At Dvorak Expeditions we want to be able to continue to explore and play in the great rivers of the Southwestern United States. This is not just a business to us, it is a way of life and we support a number of conservation efforts to help protect and preserve the rivers, wildlife and natural ecosystems that depend on the rivers for survival. Get involved, have fun and feel good about it! Knowing that you are doing your part to combat pollution, trash or dwindling water supplies will make your next Dvorak whitewater, kayaking, hiking, SUP or fishing expedition all the more enjoyable. Call Dvorak now to book the summer vacation now.

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