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Summer 2008 Testimonials

Every year we receive literally dozens of card and letters thanking us for taking our guests downriver. These mean so much to us and we have selected a few of these wonderful tributes to share with you:

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my 2 days of oar-raft instruction with James. I’ve been canoeing small rivers for 30 years, class I and II. I learned more about reading [the water] and negotiating moving water than I have in the previous 30 years of self-teaching and reading.”
D. Barrett (May 2004)

“From day one, on the telephone in the planning stages…to the B&B you found for us …to the AWESOME river guides (Sumo and Miriah), the unbelievable scenery and the spectacular Arkansas River…to the guided horseback ride as close to the Continental Divide as I ever expect to get, your entire crew and everyone involved was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and downright FUN! It was a vacation I’ll never forget, one I’ll highly recommend and one I didn’t want to end. AND…one I hope to repeat!!! Keep up the great work!”
J. Chudosky (June 2004)

“On July 5th, my wife and I rafted Brown’s Canyon on the Arkansas River with your company. I wanted to let you know that we were both very impressed with your guide Matt! My wife was initially very nervous and he helped to put her at ease. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and did an excellent job getting us downt the river!”
T. James

“What a wonderful experience we had on our float trip. It filled a life long desire. Jim and his wife were special guides. Thanks so much!”
S. and W. Linton

“Thank you both for making our first rafting experience a definite blast and safer than walking down the street in Madison. Definitely you both made it everything it was…you guys are AWESOME!”
M. Kay

“Hello to all and I just wanted to extend a very big thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I must admit I was a little nervous upon finding out that my life was going to be in the hands of two twenty-something young girls and a guy! However, as you must know, these turned out to be some of the most capable, level-headed, fun, educational and wonderful people I have ever met! If only all young men and women were so capable! I learned so much and enjoyed myself so much and know that all on the trip felt the same. I am trying to spread the word about your wonderful group and also about water and conservation management issues in general. Thank you once again and please don’t hesitate to call on me if you ever need a violist for one of your trips in the future.”
K. Goulding Long

“Thank you for sending my sunglasses all the way from Colorado. I was very surprised to see my sunglasses come in the mail! Anyway, I really enjoyed your raft ride. One of my friends who was recently in Colorado went on a raft trip with another company and said his was ‘boring and stupid’. When I told him about mine, he said it sounded a lot better! Thanks for everything and have a great rest of the summer.”
K. Goemer

“The whole week was much better than any of us expected. It was great to have another family with us for the children to relate to but at the same time, to have such an intimate group. Great weather and great people and great river = great vacation!!”
S. Smith

“Thank you and the rest of the crew at Dvorak Expeditions for a fantastic vacation. I have some great congratulations for the fine group of guides who led us down the Green…this group appeared to work well together, gave us our space and welcomed us into theirs. The food was excellently prepared. We were impressed that Dvorak’s has figured out a way to continue to serve up fresh food throughout a 6 day trip. We’re looking forward to future adventures on the river.”
J. Dyess

“Because of the support of great outfitters like you, RiverReach Kids have logged over 60,000 hours of volunteer service in their communities, learned about the environment and earned exciting outdoor adventures!”
River Reach Youth Initiative/CROA Programs for High Risk Youth