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Protecting and Preserving Colorado’s Water Supply

Colorado’s Water Plan is a big step forward

Without water the planet would not survive. Without water, the many great rivers of Colorado are in danger of drying up. At Dvorak Expeditions we live our lives on the rivers of Colorado. We want to be able to continue to show off the great rivers, landscape and wildlife of Colorado with everyone for many generations. That is why it is so important to get involved with what happens to the water that runs keeps the heart of Colorado pumping. It’s hard to imagine the water will ever run out, but without conscious efforts to manage our water, that is exactly what will happen one day.

Dvorak supports a number of conservation and preservation efforts.

Dvorak supports a number of conservation and preservation efforts.

Take active part in the future of the Colorado water supply

Conserving water in Colorado has been a topic of conversation since 2005. Today the Colorado Water Conservation Board has released the first draft of Colorado’s Water Plan, combining nine years of conversation and public commentary. The report is clear on one thing: Colorado must take a statewide approach to water or risk having the fate of their water decided upon by outsiders.

Protecting Colorado’s water

  • Conserve water
  • Avoid permanent dry-up of Colorado’s farmland
  • Garner support for new water supply projects
  • Benefits for basins that provide water
  • Count only on the wettest seasons for storing water
It is up to all of us to conserve water and keep Colorado's rivers flowing

It is up to all of us to conserve water and keep Colorado’s rivers flowing

Dvorak Expeditions supports conservations efforts in Colorado

Dvorak Expeditions support a number of conservation efforts that will help sustain the great Colorado rivers, wildlife, and nature. Everything that is great and pure about Colorado. We can all do our parts to help protect the environment. Check out some of our recommended conservations efforts and organizations. And then talk to us about planning an incredible outdoor adventure where you can explore the rivers, mountains, plains and wildlife that make Colorado great. Come see why protecting the environment, wherever you are is worth the effort. Get involved, have fun, and feel good about it!