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Our Favorite SUP Boards For Every Occasion



Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the worlds fastest growing sports. It’s loved by everyone from first-timers to advanced boarders because it covers such a broad spectrum of abilities. From running class IV rivers to paddling with your dog, SUP boards are fun for anyone. However, finding the right board for you can be a little tricky. Here is our favorite SOL Paddleboards at SUPDVK and why we love them.


Best All Around Board: SOLTRAIN
Perfect for beginners, yoga, running rivers, or a relaxing day at the lake. This board is one of our most stable boards making it great to bring on a little or a pet on board with you. Your ready for any occasion with your SOLTRAIN.


Whitewater Runner: SOLSHINE
A DVK favorite for whitewater SUPing. The SOLshine is stable and easily maneuverable through any size whitewater. One day on this whitewater crusher and you won’t want any other board.


Full Workout: SOLSONIC
Fast, nimble, and a complete body workout. This narrow board makes your ABs work while you zoom past all your friends.


Best on Surf: SOLJAH
Colorado might not be beach front but we do have waterfront. Rip some whitewater waves with the playful and compact SOLJAH

The Quiver Killer: SOLREBEL
Like the train, this board is great for everything. However, smaller, narrower, and more rocker makes this board nimble with stability. Perfect for a day at the lake or shredding down rapids.


Best Party Board: SOLFIESTA
Keep the party going with the SOlFIESTA! The largest board in the SOL Paddle Board line holds you and all your friend. Take this to the lake or down the river for one of the best day ever moments.

Visit us to rent any of these SUP boards. We offer half day, full day, and multiple day rentals along with knowledge and lessons!