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Green River Rafting Videos

Rafting & Kayaking On the Green River, Utah

Kayaking and Rafting on the Green River, Utah has never been better. You’ll love Dvorak’s professional and certified tour guides as they lead you to some of the worlds most breathtaking views. The Green River was fist discovered by John Wesley Powell in the late 1800’s. Powell was intrigued by the surrounding area and especially, the sheer valley walls, some raising over 1000 feet.

The river gets wider and wider as it carves its way into the canyon. The deeper you get inside, the more and more colorful things start to get. You’ll love the vertical escalading walls and experience some of the most colorful and breathtaking views. The entire trip is filled with a rainbow of colors and unique wildlife. To get an idea of the area and what your rafting experience will be like, view the short video presentation below. Dvorak’s outdoor adventure travel is guaranteed to making your trip treasured!

Green River, Colorado Rafting Adventures 2006